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Chaldea is my fantasy roleplaying campaign that I’ve been GM’ing since 1981. For many years I ran the campaign using various editions of Dungeons & Dragons. In 2010 I started GM’ing Chaldea using the Burning Wheel system and as a “prequel campaign” set 5,000 years earlier, in what I’m now calling Ancient Chaldea.

Here are a number of articles that are a good starting point for learning about Ancient Chaldea.

We’ll start with a brief campaign overview:

A couple articles on history:

And a bit about the races available to player characters:

And a bit about important races not typically available as player characters:

Here’s an article on how I run Languages in Chaldea.

Finally, here’s a page on Chaldea House Rules.

I’ll close with a bit of GMing Biography

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