Renowned sword of Elven Make

weapon (melee)

Currently, Luandyll possesses the same stats as a regular Elven Sword


Luandyll roughly means, “The Light of the Elves,” and is a sword well-know and respected in Elven lore. It was once wielded by the Prince whom Shadon served under as sword singer. When the Kordaaven forces invaded the Etharch, the Prince and his royal guard were forced back into the Citadel. It was then that a Swamp Demon and crushed the remaining opposition by attacking the Prince. Luandyll exploded with light at the evil in front of it as the Prince swung the sword with all his might. The demon simply stopped the sword with his hand and clenched down, choking and eventually extinguishing the Light of the Elves, destroying all hope the Elves had. The sword was kept after the battle by the Elves as their most powerful mages tried to uncover the remedy for it. None was found and so Tilith saw fit to bequeath the sword to Shadon. Shadon swears he can still see a glimmer of light in the sword and believes it can be reignited.


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