Yves Luransk

Sean Lashgari's PC, male human baron


Yves Luransk is the Baron of Luransk. Yves is a player character played by Sean Lashgari.

When I was young, learning the ways and skills to rule my land and those on it, I had a fellowship with a few of my equals who were my age ( older teen, maybe 20 ) and going through the education and trials of learning to rule. It was after many months of being taught combat and riding…etc. There was a peasant girl who I fancied as she fancied me, my friends were intolerant and gilded. Such was that with one of them and one day it led to a fight to defend the honor of those on my land but mainly for her….even though we could never be together I risked my life for her and the fight between my closest friend and I was brutal, fought with knives and ended up almost killing me, I still wear the deep scar across my chest and right arm…… he also is without an eye today.

This fight was fought alone in the stables…no one to know or see what happened and the wounds we attributed to hunting expedition.

We have never spoken since…. and he is quite powerful in the region…. though we are not spoken enemies what lies beneath is far worse……far….worse.

My response:
His name is Romanov.
I think this former friend is another baron who also owns a ludis. It’s like he copies everything you do and tries to do is better. You became baron of Luransk and he became baron of Uker, the next barony over (to the NW). You purchased a ludis and so he purchased a ludis. He’s always just one step behind, though, and he’s becoming increasingly bitter about it.

Yves Luransk

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