Master Assassin of Port Car


The House of Vosk

Argent’s assassin training was with the House of Vosk in Port Car. Argent would sport a tattoo, like a gang tattoo, that would prove that you are an Assassin of Port Car and that you have survived your initiation into the House of Vosk. I’m thinking it’s on your forearm, a place normally covered but you could show it inconspicuously to another. The House of Vosk a mid-tier a house of assassins and we make Vosk just short of the mid-point of his likely “career”, potentially on the rise.

Here’s what Argent thinks is Vosk’s attitude: The guildmaster will recognize in Argent a goal that supersedes the guild – he doesn’t know what it is – but that the path is in Az. He’d like to extend his reach into Kansk – what better way than to use this urgent pathos of Argent’s to establish him as an agent there? He knows Argent is using the knowledge the training of the guild is providing for his own reasons – but that’s a two way street, isn’t it? Like many others in the “Empire” – the guildmaster isn’t too fond of the meddling of Kordaavan agents in “his” business. Thankfully, the environment of Port Kar restricts the priests of Set in their magical manipulations – they have to rely on other methods. Methods more susceptible to the machinations of an organization specializing in information and the removal of – Problems. He wants the guild to be more than just a pawn in the game of thrones of the empire – so he is establishing a network of agents around the empire feeding information to him on the other players. The Guilds, the military commands, the criminal organizations, the economic powers. Knowledge is power….


Chaldea PeterAdkison