Prominent smuggler of Saratov


Viktor is the most prominent black market importer in Saratov. His connection to the PC’s is that he owned Mavra Chang for awhile as a slave. He bought her from Bull and she served under him back during his pirating days. Eventually she earned her freedom and now she does odd jobs for him from time to time.

Viktor is very well connected to Saratov underground, pirates, fat merchants, and the darker, more sensual side of Saratov nightlife.

Viktor is not a tall man standing a mere 5’9”. He appears to be in his early 60’s and is nearly bald with severely receding hairline. What hair he does have is silver and tightly cropped military style. He has the dazzling blue eyes of a much younger man. His skin is darkly tanned with early age marks starting to show from years of sun exposure. Viktor is easily recognized by the round birthmark in the middle of his forehead just above his eyes. Despite his age, Viktor is in remarkably good shape with a body of a man half his age.


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