Earl Vadim of Vinnitsa


Triat: Aloof


Vadim is a complete dolt who thinks he is well connected with Kordaava. Family includes submissive wife, two obese and vulgar daughters, Roantha and Katherine, oldest soon, Bool, and youngest son, Sigund. During a dinner with Vecna, Vadim believes Vecna said “yes” to the notion of Sigund studying magic under him someday. Slicked back red hair, head tilted back. Even though he seems a dolt he is very persuasive, has perfect etiquette, and somehow manages to do incredibly well in court.

Belief: My children must not be disciplined by any hand buy my own.

Liege: King Ptolemy

Subject: Baron Yves Luransk


Bool is Vadim’s heir and oldest son. He’s an egotistical hot head but smarter than the rest of the family put together.

With PC’s, fought Gino in the mosh and felt it. Good justification for not liking the Kalibar, et al.

Belief: It’s my destiny to marry a daughter of Kordaava, perhaps becoming Emperor.


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