Arch Inquisitor of Set


Living Legend of Uhlotep, Arch Inquisitor of Set

Kudos to Owen Seyler for creating this nemesis for his character.

Of Arch Inquisitor Uhlotep, little is written beyond the formal invocation adorning the crown of the sacred rotunda containing the Chamber of the Adder, located in the Temple of Set in Saratov. Therein, the assembled inquisitors intone the following rite to commence the Inquisitor’s Convocation.

“Blessed is Uhlotep, child of Set born among the sacred adders;
Humble is Uhlotep, adopted son of Angkul in the Valley of Lepers.
Praised art thou Uhlotep, who coaxed the vipers from the crypts of Nahir;
Mighty art thou Uhlotep, who unified the temples and converted the unbelievers.
Exalted shall be Uhlotep who leads the Holy Inquisition;
Immortal shall be Uhlotep, who walks in the shadow of God.”

Though much of his biography is shrouded in mystery, Uhlotep is a living legend among his fanatical disciples and fearful detractors. Though few dare to speculate openly, rumors of his origins and comeuppance abound. Of Uhlotep, such things are said:

• Three monks of Angkul found a newborn in the Valley of Lepers. The child was abandoned to die beside a nest of adders. Remarkably the child was healthy and unharmed, having neither bite nor “mark of the valley” (as leprosy is called in the region).

• Uhlotep’s survival was interpreted as divine blessing by the monks who claimed him and raised him as their own.

• The legend of Uhlotep grew from his ability to foretell the future by reading the snake-dance, which the monks exploited to solicit donations from local townsfolk. Each Temple Day, young Uhlotep would perform his snake-trance ritual for the gathered supplicants. The weekly rite began with feverous spectacle of snake charming with fire, dance, and song and ended with an oracular reading for those who made the most generous donations upon that day.

• To enhance the mystical appeal of his performance, the monks fitted Uhlotep with a ritual death-mask carved by local artisans. The death mask exaggerated his reputation as a survivor of Angkul valley, and has been refashioned over the years as Uhlotep grew to manhood. Few have seen him without the mask, adding to his tremendous mystique.

• When the crypts of the great Temple of Nahir were beset by a mated pair of enormous pit vipers, the high priest summoned Uhlotep to rid them of the noxious serpents. At the conclusion of the ritual ousting the vipers, Uhlotep presaged that one day serpents would one day repay the kindness and deliver the priests of Nahir from some malady befalling them.

• Some twenty years later, Uhlotep led the purge to rid the Temple of Nahir of its heretical leaders and align the Temple in accordance with Set’s design. It was the first Temple outside of Saratov to be purged under the Inquisition; it took ten years, for the purges to cleanse Kordaava’s empire.

• Now in his advanced middle years, Uhlotep leads the Inquisition from his cloistered annex housed within the Temple of Set in Saratov. These days he rarely attends official ceremonies or public affairs and seems to have withdrawn into his lair for contemplation and study.

• His retreat from crusading and subsequent active political life has caused some to wonder whether Uhlotep has finally succumbed to the wasting disease of his native homeland. Even so, few dare challenge the potency of the man, his office, or his legend.

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