Melnibonean Sorcerer of Vinnitsa


Taras is a male melnibonean wizard who lives in a brass tower in Vinnitsa.

  • Reputation: A summoner who deals in magic.
  • Reputation: Has lots of extra-planar contacts and business.
  • Vecna hears of him and wants to reach out, suggests such to Lalfroth who of course escalates the situation. As a wizard, his taxes are due to Lalfroth, and he has not paid. Taras asked Vecna, “Discover for me what the elves are hiding in the ”/campaign/chaldea/wikis/georgian-forest" class=“wiki-page-link”> Georgian Forest, for my gaze does not penetrate their demesne, and I will make it worth your time."
  • Taras is often accompanied by a Genie named Tinielle. Tinielle can shape-change but her natural form is that of an exceedingly beautiful, sensual, 8’ tall buxom woman with very long, thick blond hair, more like a mane than hair, done in a ponytail. Tinielle is owed a favor by Prince Kalibar.
  • When Prince Kalibar tapped into Tinielle‘s perception and his head almost exploded, and of course Tinielle is pissed. Taras took Kalibar’s appendix to study, then returned it.
  • Hires Vecna to set up brokerage for trade in magical components. Vecna told Taras about his ability and allowed him to study his eye.
  • Taras has a large yellow diamond that is highly coveted by the local dwarven banker, Theodore Prukin. Prukin spoke of this to Kwell, who now suspects Taras has the Geldauge, splinter from the Golden Eye of Aldest.


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