High Priest of Set in Vinnitsa



Vinnitsa High Priest of Set

Wil Per Agi Spd Pow For Hea Ref MW Ste Hes Res Cir Strd Faith
B5 B5 B5 B5 B6 B6 B6 B4 B11 B6 6 B5 B4 7 B6
PTGS Su: 4 Li: 7 Mi: 9 Se: 10 Tr: 11 Mo: 12

Skills: Mace 6, Falsehood 4, Oratory 3, Boxing 6
Gear: Murderous Mace, Portable Army of Darkness, Armor of Righteousness
Attack: Great Mace: 6 (Skill) + 2 (Magic) + 1 (Fork Boxing) + 1 (Faith). Skill: B10 I: M: S:
Reflexes = average of Per, Agi, Spd; MW = 6+average of Pow, For; Su = Half For + 1


Recently promoted high priest of Set for Vinnitsa.

Suspects the PC’s of having stole Tomi’s signet ring.

Tonsured. Ritually scarred.

See also Church of Set.


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