Male dwarf clan leader from Kansk


Mirador, Chancellor of the Exchequer

  • An aging dwarf who’s greed has led him down a very dark path.
  • Mirador is the Chancellor of the Exchequer for the Kingdom of Azerbaijan and controls the Central Bank of Kansk.
  • In a godfather type way, Mirador “looks after” all the remaining dwarves in Kansk. He keeps a scrutinous eye on all their comings and goings, manages all their assets, holds the deeds to all their properties, names himself in their wills, etc.
  • As various dwarven families have fled the surface on Hajr, Mirador has been on hand to buy their land, holdings, and even political titles. Some dwarven families have left in quite a huff, claiming that Mirador paid far less than fair market price while strong-arming them not to sell outside the dwarven community.
  • At Mirador’s encouragement all dwarves in Kansk refer to Mirador as “Uncle Mirador” even if there is no blood relationship.
  • Durgoth is a dwarf in Mirador’s clan played by Simon Kennedy. Durgoth’s personal experience with “Uncle Mirador”: Mirador is not warm and fuzzy. He is stern and all business. Mirador has demanded control over all the paperwork related to your business. He would have seen to your business license and the property for your home, claiming that without his blessing you’d be dead in the water. His accountants would regularly audit your books and you’d be expected to keep your money in his bank. You’d be urged to show up at his home for clan get gatherings and pay proper respect. And, of course, Mirador is the head of the clan and every time you’d see him he’d ask if there was any sign of Baji being with child. He thinks this business of worshipping Ra is ridiculous and tried to bully you into renouncing it.


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