Mavra Chang

Female human rogue and creator of the universe.



For Mavra’s beliefs, instincts, and traits please refer to the Saratov PC BITs page.


This isn’t the big-story background on Mavra as creator of the universe, just the background related to this particular life as a human born and raised in the streets of Saratov during the reign of Emperor Kordaava.


You have no idea who your natural birth parents were. You were raised in an “orphan home”, slightly bigger than a family, but smaller than an orphanage. The home was run by a human couple, a man and a woman, who were your adopted parents. Their names were Mr. and Mrs. Vienna.
There were no illusions as to your status. You and about a dozen other children ages 0 to 12 were the orphans and the parents were overworked, poor, heartless, and distant. You weren’t held, you weren’t told that you were loved, you weren’t encouraged to dream that life held anything for you other than misery. You were not sexually abused (yet) but life was physically rough. Older “brothers” and “sisters” generally hated life and took it out on those younger. Through these difficult times you learned fundamental instincts that would serve you well later, how to brawl, how to run, how to hide, how to charm, how to manipulate, how to intimidate.
All this in your spare time of course, which was limited since many of your waking hours were spent working as child labor in various mills and such.

You’re not sure where it came from, this presence you have. For some reason, when you talk, people listen. Sometimes, even you can hear it in your voice, a tone of finality, a subtle intimidation - daring people to prove you wrong. Others would be challenged for saying the same thing. It’s like you have an ancient wisdom, a repository of deeper knowledge that causes hesitation in those who are not equally confident in their path. By age 10 you fully realized this and were starting to hone it, practice it, and learn the nuances. By age 12 you were practically running the place, life was good.

Complimenting this was the inner drive common amongst true adventurers, the refusal to accept the limitations of your upbringing, the energy to do what others wouldn’t conceive of doing. Mavra was known for sneaking off to learn how to read from a local shopkeeper, having the will to wake herself up in the middle of the night and sneak out into the streets, and the fortitude to not show it the next day.

Aside: Steve should circle at least one of Mavra’s brothers or sisters who has probably made something of themself. Ditto for a couple “folks from the old neighborhood.”

Throughout your childhood your older brothers and sisters were always taken on their 13th birthday (yeah, you can tell where this is going…). This event was always looked forward to, that coming of age meant being accepted into a church, a school, perhaps even a crafthouse. For boys, often the military. Each time a sibling reached their 13th birthday there would be a birthday party and, inevitably, Mr. and Mrs. Vienna were quite excited about the whole affair. You were street smart enough to know that their excitement had to be something more than celebrating your birthday, but you chalked it up to them simply being happy to get rid of you. That was pretty close to the truth, actually. For one of the Vienna children to reach 13 meant payday! At the age of 13 you were sold into slavery.

Early Teens

Sold to a slave trader named Cunts.

Resold to a satyr named Bull. There for two years, and had a child. A male. Satyr.

Passed along at age 16 to a privateer named Viktor.

Personality from the Jack Chalker Fiction

What follows is a writeup by Peter about the Mavra character from the Well World Series by Jack Chalker. The Chaldea universe picks up where the series takes off with Mavra Chang recreating the universe with Obie since Nathan has “checked out.” In the universe she creates she regularly lives the life of a mortal with no memory of her super-creator status. Steve is playing one of those lifetimes.

• Human, female, Asian, attractive (although not necessarily gorgeous). She could obviously have created for herself any form she wanted but doesn’t. And, strangely, she always ends up with the name Mavra Chang.
• Sexually probably near the mid-point of female sexuality. Open to love, capable of falling in love deeply, but also capable of a tryst.
• More serious than flighty. Personable, likeable, but not usually the life of the party. More likely to be inconspicuous than conspicuous. Memorable.
• Primarily a rogue and very good at it. Not so much the D’artagnian-like I’m going to screw you in a deal sort a rogue but more the type of rogue that loves to sneak into tough places and conduct espionage or steal something of value.
• Equally comfortable working alone or with a group. Charismatic in a confidence-inspiring way, someone you’d like to have on your team. She’s not the first person to step up and take charge although she can and will if she believes it’s important to do so.
• As a human living out a certain life she has absolutely no memory of her prior existence. In this life, in this place, there is nothing to give her a clue that she’s more than what meets the eye. She can die, she can be wounded, she can get seriously fucked over (and often does).
• Cosmically she’s caught in a cycle of abuse. When she creates a life for herself on some planet she puts herself in a very difficult background, around bad people, in tough neighborhoods, born into squalor. As a female rogue, you can guess what that often leads to. And to her higher self, that’s the point, to claw her way out adverse circumstance to prominence. And there’s a darker side that really enjoys getting powerful and then paying a “visit” to whoever abused her when she was young.
• She has no advantages other than one: she’ll give herself a good stats (physical, mental, health), with no limitations. Mechanically that means you’ll start off with a few extra points in your stat pool and you’ll never hear me say something like, “Nope, your perception can’t go above 8 because you’re only a human,” or “no you can’t go to a white shade because you’re not immortal.”

It’s funny that Adrian mentioned the humpback. In one of the novels Mavra was being polymorphed into an ass by this strange technological machine and was interrupted half way through the process, becaming this horribly deformed creature that was human from the waist up but donkey from the waist down. What this meant was that she was always walking around on all fours but her front “legs” were her human arms/legs with her torso pointing down and her gaze facing back through her rear donkey legs. She would have to seriously crane her head to look forward and even then could only see the ground or someone’s foot. She was trapped in this form for an entire novel.

Why does Mavra do this to herself? Meaning, when she is in god mode, why put herself into this situation?

• At her core she’s a human and she’s caught in a cycle of self-abuse. She knows this but that knowledge doesn’t break the cycle. At some level, she likes it.
• Being the creator of the universe is boring after awhile. This is an interesting way to burn a hundred years or so.
• By living mortal lives she can more thoroughly understand her own creation, what it’s really like to be, for example, a human being on this particular plane at this particular time.

This is pure background only since your mortal self has no idea about any of this and no memory before your birth.

Mavra Chang

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