Elder Black Dragon of Magic


Lalfroth is the Elder Black Dragon of Magic.

During this time he is also the Grand Vizier of the Kordaavan Empire.

His current apprentices are:

  • Makala: An Orc Witch (very dark magic, terrible brews, and blood contracts with otherworld creatures, hateful, angry, spiteful).
  • Cerberus: A dogman – race of bipedal creatures (good with weapons, magic and sneaking about (Fighter, thief, mage). He is quite diversified in his talents, “a sly dog.”
  • Vecna: High-Elf Wizard. Warden of the Garnon Forest.
    Pavel is Vecna’s attendant.

His Comptroller is Irvine, an albino human of foreign descent with a Reputation a cold-blooded mother fucker, and the Trait Humorless.


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