Female wilder elf pirate


Wilder Elf female pirate. Seductive, roguish, stylish, brazen, proud. Ceylonda is as beautiful as ever. She has long blond hair that are often professionally coiffed in Roman style even while at sea (she brings an attendant). Her face, neck, fingers, and arms are adorned with jewels. Her skin is fair, her lips enticing, her eyes seductive, her body strong and lithe. On her left arm she wears a large blue gauntlet. On her right hand, a fingerless red lace glove that extends to her shoulder. Her neck is bare and her sturdy green corset revealing. She wears tight black pants and hard soled boots. She is armed with sword, knives, and pouches.

Ship. The Misty Raven. A two masted schooner. Poop deck, below deck, storage. When Argent ran across her years ago she was first mate. Now she’s captain.

Officers. - L’yon. Beside Ceylonda is L’yon, a gorgeous, handsome elven man. He is dressed like nobility and has a bearing to match. He has a sly, knowing smile and carries himself so gracefully. He is so centered it would make a monk cry with envy. He also is armed.
- Chaplain Bruno. “Chaplain.” Armed with swords and knives. Priest of Ra and Shu. Ankh of controlling winds. Faith is 4.
- Another officer is “Chief”. Male rodent scout.

Crew. 10 sailors, fairly loyal. Including two wilder elves: Barefoot and Smiley. I decided many pirates take on funny nicknames, sorta like Playa names, to minimize the risk that someone uses their real name accidentally since for the most part they are on the lam.

Ceylonda’s Blue Guantlet. A large mailed gauntlet, counts as a target shield (3D), but wearer can also carry a weapon or use the gauntlet as a fisted strike. Opponent’s VA is halved, rounded down, against the wielder.


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