ZOCS = Z, Owen, Christian, Sean.

This page is for consolidated storage of key roleplaying information needed for the GM.

Sakar, Played by John Zinser.

Concept: Gladiator, lost will to live, owned by Yves Luransk.

Belief: Romanov is responsible for the death of Astasia. I’m going to kill him.

Belief: I want to die, therefore I will fight as often as possible.

Belief: If you possess the Jeweled Dagger of Shadows it grants you entrance to the hidden circles of the guild; I’m gonna get it.

Instinct: Draw my daggers at the first sign of trouble.

Traits: Plain Face (C-O for Inconspicuous, You look like any other face in the crowd), Tasting the Lash (Dt, you can’t resist someone who whips you), Life and Death…the Same (Dt, reduce hesitation obstacles from injury or pain by two), Poker Face (C-O for Falsehood and Gambling, your face is inscrutable), Fearless (Dt, reduce hesitation by 3 vs pain or the shock of death and gore).

Reputation (local): Rogue who killed Tomalen.

Reputation (regional): Gladiator who rose from the sewers to the primus.

Relationship (minor): Old rogue trainer

Relationship (significant): Captain Singal

Akzeres, Played by Owen Seyler

Belief: Thulsa Doom and the High Inquisitor conspire with demons; I must prove their corruption to the ruling families so pressure may be brought upon Kordaava to restore the temples of RA, Osiris, Isis, and Horus to put their evil in check.

Belief: The Oracle revealed I am one of Isis’s chosen who must serve Her will to earn grace in the Afterlife; therefore I will share my vision with the mystical order of Osiris and aid them in their quest to reassemble the Divided God.

Belief: The gods have seen fit to preserve the Holy Order of the Scarab and send one of its knights to me; It’s divine will that I guide this holy warrior to complete his training, find his sacred blade, and restore the Order to its rightful status.

Instinct: As an ordained exorcist, I instinctively recognize the signs of possession and alter my behavior to avoid alerting demons of my divine powers.

Instinct: Being a former Inquisitor of Set, I instinctively relay the secret call-signs and catch-phrases using “Priest Cant”, identifying me as a fellow priest of in spite of whatever common garb or disguise I may be wearing at the time.

Instinct: Having disavowed my former faith, charge, and status, I now disguise myself as a simple pilgrim and remain eternally vigilant for minions of the Church’s who seek to arrest me and bring me to foul justice.

Traits: Believer (Dt, You believe in miracles. All Faith tests against you are at -1 Ob), Vested (Dt, The right to wear a surplice, +1D Affiliation with the church and it’s faithful parishoners), Skeptical (Char), Suspicious (Char), Faithful (Dt, can perform miracles), Apostate (Dt, changed religions, 1D infamous reputation with former religion).

Affiliations: Church of Osiris (minor – 10 pt.)

Reputations: Voice of Isis (major – 25 pt.)

Property: Townhouse in garden district of Saratov (10 pt)

Relationships: Captain Khaldu (minor NPC – 10 pt)

Mohareb al-Aktari, played by Christian Moore

Belief: Destiny. My eventual return and (hopeful) success at the Oesireum will herald the God’s return. I must protect my priest for this to happen. If he dies I will attack Set’s minions in a suicide mission.

Belief: Self-reliance. If I attempt something and don’t have training, I will try to learn that skill. For those who are generally unskilled or are dilettantes I exchibit utter contempt. I can’t understand those who have no ideology.

Belief: I carry the shards of my father’s Scareb Blade, searching for the one who will let me know it can be reforged. The reforged blade will represent a turning point for Osiris return, and for Akzeres and I as a team.

Instinct: If I read the aura of a servant of Set or even suspect thus I will automatically assume a hostile stance and draw weapon.

Instinct: Before combat, I draw my sword and put myself between my priest and the danger.

Instinct: Any time I speak with someone I read their aura.

Traits: Mark of Privilege (Dt, +1D Affiliation with Nobility, +1 Ob using Inconspicuous or Falsehood as someone below your station), Sworn Homage (Dt, +1D Affiliation with Nobility), Knight of Osiris (Dt, +1D Affiliation with Egyptian Deities in favor, Gifted (Dt), Eye of the Hunter (Dt, Use Per for Obs vs Stealthy or camouflage)

Affiliation: Church of Osiris

Reputation: Ideological Fanatic (local or regional?)

Property: Villa was tithed to the church, now gets equivalent income from them.

Yves Luransk, played by Sean Lashgari

Belief: Vinnitsa will one day be an independent kingdom with myself as the rightful king. To do this I will need military strength. I will use my ludis to develop a strong force of gladiators.

Belief: My legitimate claim to the throne of Vinnitsa flows from divine sanction. I will help the Church of Osiris by harboring their presence here so that when the time is right I can count on their support.

Belief: Baron Romanov has sworn an oath to destroy me and kill my beloved Rhiena. I will kill him first.

Instinct: As a Baron when around women I act like a pig, titled, they are my servants! This keeps me safe from the other Barons suspicions that my truth is to help them.

Instinct: When trouble happens I use my Charisma to ease any hostility towards me or the situation I am in with others.

Instinct: If I find myself in combat unexpectedly I grab their nearest object that could be used as a shield (chair, table, maidservant, etc) and adopt a defensive stance.

Traits: Mark of Privilege (Dt, Obviously born of status, +1 Ob to Inconspicuous or Falsehood if masquerading as someone lower than your station), Your Lordship (Char, birthright), Noblesse Oblige (Dt, It is my duty to guard society and uphold its interest), and Charismatic (C-O, magnetic and enigmatic, people are drawn to you, Call-on for Persuasion and Oratory).

Affiliations: Earl Vadim’s Court

Reputations: n/a

Property: Fortress home and ludis.

Relationships: Mother, Chancellor, Knight, Gladiator Trainer, Aaron

Chancellor Mikael. Young male human, a scholar, very smart and put together, good friends with Yves.

Lady Veronique Luransk. “Mum.” Aimilian (French), dresses the part, a grand dam, very serious, keeps a close eye on Yves.

Oenameas. Gladiator trainer.

Sir Borg. Knight. Stern, dutiful, older, excellent horseman. Chain, shield, sword.

Aaron. Priest of Ra, calm, meditator, healer, horseman, flail, plated leather, dagger, ankh.


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