York Timeline

History of York Timeline

-74: Henry “the Wolf” Swartout born.

-55: Elliott Swartout I born.

-50: Baron Henry “the Wolf” Swartout takes power in York, which at the time consists of the city of York, territory southwest of the Abernyth River (County Greenhallow, Castle Rath, York’s own southern territories such as Staincross Wolds), and a few small settlements east of the city of York (such as Pycke).

-40: Baron Wolf builds Dungarth and Battergate at the edge of the forest then covering most of what would become County Hardwick. Tensions between the humans of York and the elves of the Aelfwald, who claim the forest as under their protection, rise.

-38: Baron Wolf begins a campaign to expand his territory eastward by clearing the forest. The elves of the Aelfwald (human name Todmorden Forest) consider that a declaration of war, so to fight them Baron Wolf allies with a young black dragon named Melcheron (a descendant of Lalfroth), who also has issues with the Aelfwald elves. War between humans/Melcheron and elves continues for many years.

-36: With Melcheron’s help, Baron Wolf succeeds in clearing the forest as far east as Chippingstead.

-33: Baron Wolf clears the forest as far east as the Greycloak Mountains. Stonebury is built and named the county seat of Hardwick, the new county formed from the former forestland cleared during the war. Stonebury’s first countship is given to Sir Ulric Henge, at that time Marshal of the York Army.

-32: Baron Wolf killed in battle; Elliott I takes control of the barony and immediately makes peace with the elves, breaking York’s alliance with Melcheron and changing the Swartout crest from a black wolf to a golden lion. Since they’d been losing the war up to now, the elves agree to the peace, but they still resent their losses.

-14: Elliott Swartout II born after a series of girls and stillbirths. Finally, a male heir!

0: Kordaava’s coronation. Perrin’s king swears fealty to Kordaava and joins the newly-formed Senate.

10: Dire Treaty. The elves recognize Kordaava as Emperor of the World. Elliott I dies; Elliott II takes power.

11: Elven High Councilor Velten Aelfwald and his escort, Telelais DuPook, are killed by Melcheron on their way to swear fealty to Kordaava. Fleris DuPook survives and swears fealty to Kordaava in Velten’s place. Immediately afterward, he calls on his vassal’s right of protection to demand that Kordaava protect the Aelfwald from Melcheron.

12: Under orders from Kordaava, Lalfroth calls Melcheron back to Saratov. Count Owen Tybalt of Glenchester attempts to charge tolls on trade barges coming past his city, starting a conflict that ends with Baron Elliott II annexing Cumbrey for York, dethroning Count Owen, and putting in the count’s sister Arabella as Countess of Glenchester. Baron Elliott II then applies for and receives the rank of Duke of York from King Laurent, and also Laurent’s sister Princess Evaine’s hand in marriage.

15: After popping out two daughters in quick succession, Evaine finally produces a male heir, Elliott Swartout III is born.

17: Duke Elliott II, with the help of Duchess Evaine, annexes County Riddenstoke diplomatically.

18: Montague Swartout born.

20: Duke Elliott II, again with his wife’s help, forces Baron Thomas Blackfield of Gaunt to bend the knee, annexing Scathbairn for York.

23: Robin Swartout born. Also, Discordia Carus is born.

25: Darin Swartout born.

28: Discordia Carus becomes a ward of the Swartouts. Her father becomes a senator.

40: Kordaava’s assassination.

41: Present day.

York Timeline

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