Wiki Usage Guidelines

Areas of the Wiki

Home Tab: This is a useful place to put links to frequently-used topics or broad jumping off points for learning about Chaldea.

Adventure Log: Don’t use this for stories (put stories in the wiki). This is to record facts relative to an actual game play session.

Characters Tab: If you have a collection of characters who you think are too minor for each to have their own entry, then group them together under a single entry. Let’s name the group and start the group name with "A ", for example, “A Ra Congregation”. That way they will all appear at the beginning of the alphabetical listing of characters under NPC’s.

Items: This is mainly for magic items but any notable object can be put here.

Forums: I suggest we use the forums on Basecamp instead.

Calendar, Comments: Don’t use.

Maps: Definitely use this area for storing maps.


  1. Don’t duplicate data. For any data, store it in one spot that seems to make sense. Often there are multiple, sensible options. In the other locations where one is likely to look, create a link to where it’s stored. Adding these links is the “incremental work” of using this system, and is also the reward.
  2. Add tags to entries. Tags are case sensitive, please use mixed capitals for consistency. Tagging an entry with a location is almost always a good idea, for example: “Perrin”. Also, use race tags for members of non-human races, and use plural form, for example “Elves”, “Dwarves”. Interesting character types, like “Sorcerers” and “Priests”.
  3. Keeping notes outside the wiki is counter-productive. The point of the wiki is to share our work. Best to work directly in OP, and when you can’t, transfer data immediately.
  4. Don’t be a completest. Add information as it’s available. For example, I just entered Elliott III by copying data from Beverly’s spreadsheet. I know that Elliott has died since this writeup. It’s okay to post old information knowing we’ll update it later.
  5. Avoid dangling wiki pages. When you add a wiki page, link to it from another page if possible.
  6. Try and use these principals but don’t fret about them. The key is to get information up here. Adding all the right links and being 100% consistent is a never-ending drama. Don’t get caught in the rabbit hole!

Wiki Usage Guidelines

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