Vishkon PC BITs


Belief: One day I will make Sureniel pay and get all his treasure, but first I must find out as much as possible about the weaknesses of dragons.

Belief: Vishkon and I are destined to become great friends; I will prove my loyalty to him.

Instinct: At the first sign of danger I will stand stout and land the first blow.

Instinct: Always go for the biggest cut.

Relationship: Vasya, clan leader, he’s more in love with her than her with him, he’s a bit too enthusiastic.

Reputation: Crazy brawler chick, a bit slutty.

Affiliation: Dwarven rights activist group chapter 117 — Perth (who leads it?).


Belief: The truth is a weapon my enemy can use against me so share it sparsely.

Belief: I will seek out all the different kinds of beauty Chaldea has to offer and use them I nmy works so that all the world see its glory.

Instinct: Never trust the innkeeper.

Instinct: Never leave any important items behind.

Instinct: Always collect rare, valuable, or unfamiliar specimans that might be used in my craft.

Instinct: Always keep my hands clean. (Literal)

Reputation: Highly praised local jeweler.


Relationship: Uncle Rory, in prison for dealing in poison, loyal to Bast. When caught, he protected the identify of Vera and she owes him for that. She comes back as a spirit guide for him.

Belief: The alliance between Kordaava and Set is unspeakably abhorrent and pervades all the people of the land.

Belief: Always watch for the watchers, and be ready to escape if the trap is sprung.

Belief: Watch the cats, they are watching me.

Instinct: Detection by agents of Kordaava and government officials must be avoided at all costs, be it stealth, disguise or poison.

Instinct: Always work carefully with poison.

Instinct: Always seek knowledge of newer and greater poisons and their sources.

Reputation: Founder of local performing group.

Vishkon PC BITs

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