Trevan Mountains

The Trevan Mountains is the mountain range that will eventually become home to the nation of Treve. But in Ancient Chaldea these mountains have not been united under any central kingdom.

While not the largest mountain range in Chaldea (not even close) the Trevan Mountains are particularly craggy and fierce. They are known for violent weather patterns, treacherous trails, bandits, giant carnivorous eagles called tarns, and ruins of ancient dwarven mine-holds.

The southern end of the mountain range abuts the Somacian Desert and is ruled by these people. In the central portion of the mountains is the infamous city of Iona, a haven for both outlaws and merchants doing business on the Ionian Trail. This trail cuts through the Trevan Mountains connecting the Garnon Forest from the west to the lands of the giants to the east.

The northern reaches of the Trevan Mountains are as wild and untamed as the tarns who live there.

Trevan Mountains

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