Tartu, also called Freetown, is an out-of-the-way town where one might run across nearly anyone. The town is in the rolling hills that lead into the Trevan Mountains, on the northern edge of the enchanted Garnon Forest. No one is forbidden from the town, although no race is eagerly welcomed either. Dwarves would be particularly brave to go there. There is no obvious means for why the town exists, either, and no obvious means of law enforcement. But somehow, order is kept. The fact that the Lodge of the Sacred Earth has meetings here is just one of many strange happenings in the town.

[Steve: on the map, Tartu should be moved somewhat so that it’s just inside the Garnon]

Tartu is unique in that it’s the only known town in the Garnon Forest. The Garnon is known for it’s strange dimensional warps to other dimensions and even other planes of existence. Tartu is built around just such a phenomena. Within Tartu, all magic that involves summonings, planar travel, and and inter-dimensional manipulations works particularly well, making Tartu a destination for mages and priests who pursue these arts. It also means that there are beasts and denizens who come here from the other side.

Tartu is the best place to purchase various herbs that assist in the magic of drug trance spellcasters, herbs that grow wild in this region.

Imagine a fantasy version of Al Amarja from Jonathan Tweet’s game, Over the Edge.

From Tartu there are mining car tracks that lead about 5 miles out into the Garnon Forest, where the tracks disappear into a large hole. On this track is a large mining car, fully enclosed (like a real world passenger car), that travels on the track, coming and going mysteriously. If one goes looking for the car and travels the track’s entire length, one won’t find it. From time to time, the cart will come in and strange cultists will bring odd relics to trade.


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