Targonia is one of the dominant human kingdoms of the southern continent. It’s also vast, stretching from the great sea in the north down to the Mountains of Chaos in the south, and is home to several cities, including Blue Moon [needs a new name?], Lanobi, Buntar, and Manja.

Native Targonians are black-skinned and are, on average, slightly taller and stronger than human average. They are excellent herders, farmers, and craftsmen.

The tropical weather throughout the southern continent is very rainy, and much of this rainwater drains down rivers that run through Targonia. These rivers are large and slow-moving, making for excellent inland river travel. Large ships can row quite a way up these rivers. The land isn’t particularly excellent land for growing crops, but the land is well irrigated and the Targonians do well enough to provide ample food for its population. Sometimes, floods are a problem in Targonia.

The biggest problem for Targonia is the presence of the Mountains of Chaos to the south. These nasty mountains have only a thin veil that separates the mountains from the chaos planes. Monsters, and sometimes entire armies, have invaded Chaldea through this veil and if you look at the map it’s pretty easy to figure out who gets attacked first!

Because of the tremendous influence of chaos in this region, Targonia itself has been infected with numerous demonic or Cthulian cults, secret lodges, mystical orders, and monsters who are descendants of past invaders, spies, disciples, summoners, summonees, or are simply attracted to danger and madness.


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