Tadzhiz is one of the few countries in Chaldea that might be described as inherently “good” in alignment. The people of Tadzhiz have a strong culture of fairness and independence—-although this logic only applies to seven tribes of Tadzhiz that make up the dominant social order.

Tadzhiz is the only human country that has a democracy. The democracy falls far short of modern earth ideals, though, but compared to the rest of Chaldea it is quite progressive. All land owners are entitled to vote in elections, but can only vote from within their tribes, and candidates must also be from within the tribe. Outsiders are not welcome to live within tribal boundaries. Visitors from other realms and tribes may visit but must have a visa and a reason for being there. These visas are never for more than a year and visitors may not buy land or otherwise settle down.

The tribes each appoint an ambassador who lives in the country’s capital of Kirov. These ambassadors gather to facilitate government over the country as a whole, but has very limited powers in dictating what happens in the other tribes. These ambassadors also oversee the government of Kirov, which is managed as a city state, neutral to all the tribes (think Washington DC), and all the tribes are committed to sending military units to Kirov to defend it from the aggressive neighbor to the south, Kirgiz.

Kordava was shrewd enough to preserve this structure. In fact, he even helped iron out some discrepencies and old issues that were never quite settled.


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