Swamp of Conn

The Swamp of Conn is widely known as “the place ”/campaigns/chaldea/characters/kordaava" class=“wiki-content-link”>Kordaava got his swamp demons."

It’s also widely believed that Kordaava got his swamp demons due to a pact with Set.

As Kordaava has risen to prominence many historians, bards, and theologians have visited any location that Kordaava is said to have traveled to as a mortal adventurer. The location that has captured the imagination of many and led to numerous rumors is the Swamp of Conn. More than one source has described a colossal pyramid in the darkest midst of the swamp.

One thing everyone agrees on is that the Swamp of Conn is the home of the swamp demons, making exploration a very deadly enterprise.

By Imperial Decree, it is now illegal to enter the Swamp of Conn without proper papers—-papers that no one seems to know how to get legally.

Swamp of Conn

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