Stollhofen faces unique challenges as a small kingdom.

First, it’s quite poor. The land here isn’t that good, a far cry from the lush breadbaskets of Modava, Estone, Roosh, and Mantis. But the farmers here are an incredibly hearty lot who toil the soil with determination and organization. It’s arid climate and lack of significant waterways make irrigation an ongoing battle.

To make matters worse, there are endless monsters from the Templar, but worse of all, the most powerful orc kingdoms in Chaldea hail from the mountains that host Niesse. The orcs fight amongst themselves most of all, but many seek glory in riches by raiding these human lands.

In response to this hardship, every farmer of Stollhofen is armed and trained to fight (especially against orcs). Imagine Colonial-era Americans, tough bastards who are coordinated, fiercely independent, and united against a common enemy. All able-bodied men and women of Stollhofen are required to do time in the military, and after their formal period of service they are still in the equivalent of the US Army reserves—-one weekend a month and one month a year. Each citizen must purchase, own, and maintain their own armor and weapons.

There is a mountainous “no orc land” that lies in the border region of Stollhofen with the Niesse mountains (these mtns need a name!). The Stouts (the people of Stollhofen?) don’t farm this land, they leave it desolate, without trees or other natural cover, and they patrol it with mounted militia. These militia massacre any small orcs parties and harass any larger ones.

The militia keep the mountainous area (on the map, the hills/mtns that are in Stollhofen but not connected to the big Niesse mountains) clear of any fortifications, tunnels, etc that orcs could hide in.

Stollhofen also hosts a modestly-sized population of dwarves driven out of the Niesse mountains by the orcs and dragons.

In spite of it’s tough, well-armed, militarized traditions the Stouts have been overrun by orcs several times during the years before Kordava. Now that the Emperor is dead, activity is picking up agai,n and the orcs have had many years to breed and nurture their hate.


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