Saratov PC BITs


Special Ability: “Sight”. Will vs. will test with bonus dice for ample time and friendly relationship. Gain one success for a tie plus another for each margin of success. For the target to detect your attempt (whether successful or not) the target tests perception against Vecna’s will exponent.

Belief: I can talk my way out of anything; I will convince Taras to return Kalibar’s appendix.

Belief: I will be the most powerful sorcerer in the world; Find out for Taras what the elves are hiding in the Georgian Forest.

Belief: I need wealth to advance; get in on the sale of Mavra’s ring.

Instinct: I never pass up an opportunity to get magical lore.

Instinct: I never haggle.

Instinct: I don’t pass up an opportunity to obtain the finer things.

Traits: Gifted (enables sorcery), Organized (C-O for administration, estate management, or accounting), Charismatic (C-O for persuasion or oratory).

Affiliations: Apprentice to Lalfroth, Warden of the Forested Lands of the Empire

Reputation: My word is my bond.

Relationship: Viktor, Saratov Rogue.


Special ability: soul protection, stat bonuses at startup, no limits.

Belief: Always have sex with the alpha male. Find a new alpha male.

Belief: I will reach legendary status as a clever and reliable privateer captain. Seek new job smuggling opportunity.

Belief: Wealth is best when shared. Enhance the Markovian. Look for the next valuable thing to acquire.

Instincts: I hate male chauvinist pigs and will always attempt to educate their limited thinking.

Instincts: I never pass up the opportunity to make a profit.

Instincts: Never ask when you can take.

Trait: Paranoid Ear. Use perception exponent as observation for detecting stealthy or chameleoned characters.

Trait: Commanding Aura. You possess an imperious and imposing demeanor. Your merest words seem like fiat and your statements like edicts. Your lessers feel compelled to obey. Add +1D to your command skill and allies in your presence gain +1D on steel tests.

Reputation: Satisfaction guaranteed. The Markovian made the Kordavan Run in less than 12 parsecs.

Affiliations: Lady Mavra of the Celestial Winds.

Property: A sloop, The Markovian, docked in a private slip in Saratov.

Ada Loban Nythil

Special Ability: “Share”. Ada can share one of her stats or skills with an ally. By default, she shares her Perception with Moxie.

Belief: Humans have a purpose - I will figure out what it is.

Belief: Not in my forest!

Belief: I will build a network of elven sympathizers…

Instincts: I never sit with my back to the door.

Instincts: I never back down in a conflict.

Instincts: I always know the way.

Reputation: Bad ass ranger of the Georgian Forest

Relationships: Moxie

Affiliations: Ambassador of the Georgian Forest to the Empire.

Traits: Ambidextrous, Low Speech

Prince Jemdet Kalibar

Special ability: “Borrow”. He can temporarily use the stat or skill exponent of anyone in his presence.

Belief: My family’s curse will catch up to me.

Belief: I must have the finest weapon; if I see it, I get it.

Belief: There is no “I” in team.

Instincts: I always hiccup when I drink alcohol.

Instincts: I always fashionably get on my horse.

Instincts: I always carve my family sign in personal kills.

Relationship: Malcolm Snafu, weapons collector

Traits: Tainted Legacy

Affiliation: Prince of the Somacian Desert

Kwell Geldzahn

Special ability: “Heir". Kwell is the sole heir to a great family and is married to the sole heir to another great family. Starts with bonuses to wealth, stature, and it just keeps coming.

Traits: Bearded (char), Stout (char), Greed (Dt), Accustomed to Dark (Dt), Oathsworn (Dt), Shaped from Earth & Stone (Dt), Tough (Dt), Familiar Face (C-O), Dispute Settler (C-O)

Belief: Oath: They’ll always pay another 5%.

Belief: I know you, or you are an unknown.

Belief: Eating dragon hearts increases fertility; I’ll corner the market and restore dwarven fecundity.

Belief: Marriage oath: I will restore the lineage of clan Cloudforge.

Instincts: I never pay face value.

Instincts: If a dwarven child is at risk nothing else matters until their safety is insured.

Instincts: If I don’t recognize someone I invent names and titles.

Saratov PC BITs

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