Port Facility

Port Facility is an oddly-named island nation that has a number of characteristics that make the island particularly intriguing: astrological significance, rulership by dragons, the only large human settlement of Asianics in this portion of the world, and the Samurai!

Port Facility, specifically the southernmost city of Katana, holds great astrological significance. The city is particularly easy to find while navigating by the zodiac, like how the North Star in the real world always points north. The city is so easy to locate astrologically that it can sometimes be seen even in daylight, and it’s the first location every navigator learns how to find.

Not only is it easy to find, it’s a short journey. Getting to Katana is fast and easy, and it’s just as fast to travel from Katana to any other island or port in the Great Sea. The fastest naval voyage between any two points is often to sail to Port Facility and then from there sail to your destination.

Due to it’s strategic importance, Port Facility has been fought over again and again. The first to colonize it, fortify it, and name it were the Perts, until taken from them by the Aimians.

Katana is an ideal port city, as if the stars aligned to create it thusly. The harbor is a deep water port and the forest here has an abundance of large trees suitable for ship-building timber to replace damaged hulls and masts. Many of the rare materials used by astrologers for ocean navigation can be found right here.

Around 500 years ago an elder dragon (who?) decided to take Port Facility and make it a refuge for dragons. He brought in a mercenary army of elite warriors from Asianic who’s weapons, armor, tactics, and style of combat were unknown to the armies in this part of Chaldea. Once the island was taken, it was never lost. This dragon and his army have ruled it ever since. The humans have developed a rigid society based on honor, embodying Samurai values and traditions. It’s not a wealthy community though as the dragons heavily tax it, and the dragons have made sure that obedience to the dragons is interwoven into the fundamental values of these people.

Under the dragon’s rule Port Facility has become less useful except to the wealthiest or most time-desperate ship captains for the dragon very heavily taxes all outgoing ships. More than one captain has had to hock his ship in Port Facility just so he could afford to leave.

While the port city of Katana is an excellent, welcoming harbor, the rest of the island is distinctly treacherous to navigate. The island features steep-sloped mountains, like the northern coast of Na Pali coast of Kauai in our world that lead into alpine mountains with equally steep glaciers and jagged ridges. The ruggedness of the land is matched by the ferocity of numerous aerial races that base here. Some of these are the nasty, stinging and biting insect variety, but others intelligent, monstrous, and carnivorous. Many of the well-known aerial predators are from here, but also, others that few have heard of. The center of the island has never been navigated by the civilized races.

The elder dragon’s extended family lives in Dragon Home. Most of the city is human hovels who cater to the needs of the dragons. Each dragon has a large home, the bigger the home, the older and/or more powerful the dragon. The dragons are wealthy due to the family taxation of all the trade that comes through Port Facility.

Port Facility

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