Perth is a well-defended township beside a lake in a hidden valley. Access only over rugged mountain ridges or up a narrow winding chasm along a river, like the real-world entrance to Petra.

The town is inhabited by a mixture of humans and dwarves. The humans patrol the lands outside the town. The dwarves administer the town itself.

There is a huge waterfall that cascades down from the mountains into the lake beside Perth. Behind the waterfall lives Vishkon.

Perth is the home base for the Vishkon PC group (Joyce, Houston, Courtney, and Dee).

Other notable NPC’s include:

Mikael. Male, human, captain of the human garrison, soul brother to Elven’s father, Duanor Dzirt.

Vasya. Male, dwarf, clan leader, enthusiastic about Balin. Beliefs: Balin will eventually marry me once she gets some of this runnin’ around out of her system, I must be patient. In the meantime I must keep a close watch on her and not let her dalliances go too far.

(former) Duanor Dzirt. Elven’s father, Myrtle’s husband, former clanleader. Reputation: A just and honorable clanleader. Seduced by Drazzo, left on hajr 20 years ago, soul brother to Mikael, father of Umod and Dia.


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