Niesse is an ancient dwarven city deep under the Cloudforge Mountains. The city is so deep, the only way to get there is via a large network of underground dwarven highways. This system of highways reaches the surface at several points which are old dwarven fortresses: Gloggu, Brunn, Gorgbast, Mollwitz, and Brieg. These highways are vast in length and scope, but are not huge thoroughfares in terms of diameter. The dwarves learned early on to take advantage of their size by keeping underground highways and railroads sized ideally for dwarven size, meaning, just big enough for a dwarf to swing a two-handed axe—-but no bigger, thus neutralizing the effectiveness of larger races like ogres, giants, and dragons.

Niesse is also home to the Throne of the Gods.

When the world belonged to the dwarves, Niesse was built by Moradin, and he ruled from this place before he left. It contained the grandest of halls and the most spectacular of the dwarven architectures, from a bygone age.

The dragons took Niesse by force from the dwarves. For the last thousand years Sureniel has sat on the Throne, ruling Niesse with his diamond will.

No dwarves live there now. This was not the setting for the “…and then Mirithian came and made everything okay” story.


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