Before the Trevens, the Larktans, and the Manti ascended to their current glory the Lats were the dominant faction throughout the eastern portion of the Kordavan Empire. The lands of Larkt, Ulbere, Orshava, Mantis, Tolance, and Volanda were all under Lat control at one time or another.

Seluciden is perhaps the most prominent of the human aristocratic families from the eastern expanse of the Kordaavan Empire. The home city for the family is Tanai, in the kingdom of Lat.

Seluciden’s son, Melboron Seluciden, is attached to the 7th legion.

Prominent general: Anton Thromback.

There is a significant community of Halflings in Lat.

One unique source of economy for Lat is rare alchemical materials and body parts gathered by those brave enough to hunt in the Garnon Forest.

On the map, about where the “t” is in “Lat”, is the Clintock Farm. In farming their fields the Clintocks found a strange, ancient 10’ long rock, or obelisk, of unknown origin, with strange pictures of stabbings. Graven Kah’l Dur, a dwarven sage of antiquities was researching it, but then was exposed for having an illicit love affair with an orc named Gronk and the Mayor of Zarasai and had to flee in disgrace. It’s rumored that touching the obelisk will cause supernatural effects.

North of Zarasai, across the lake, is a hilly region. One of the largest hills is called The Burial Mound. Early humans who settled this land, knowing that they came from another world, buried their dead at the highest point in the region so that their spirits would not have so far to travel home.

At large in Lat (or beyond) roams at bandit group disguised as a circus, often found working the coastal highway. The group is led by Fortunato, who has a bowl of Kordava’s blood that he takes sips of from time to time to gain insight into mysteries. A recent nip has convinced Fortunato that he must recover the obelisk from the Clintock farm. Fortunato’s accomplice is Bertrand, the Lion Keeper. Fortunato and Bertrand recently killed Mr. Brinwell, a government tax collector.

On the outskirts of Zarasai lives an orc named Gronk. Gronk is a somewhat amiable orc who has a big dog that everyone likes. Gronk believes that Zarasai was once the center of a large orc empire (and there is evidence that there might be some amount of truth to this, lots of orcs and orc structures are in the region). Gronk wants to see Zarasai returned to its former orc glory.

North of Varena is the MacGovern Smithy and Foster Home. MacGovern is known far and wide for accepting foster children into his ranks and training them as smiths (if they have the talent) or hard laborers. The entire smithy is staffed by foster children and former foster children. But the MacGovern Smithy holds a dark secret. A dark sorceress from the Garnon Forest visits MacGovern from time to time and pays handsomely for children who have The Gift. This sorceress drains the children of their talent and this makes her stronger. She also gains power from children who are simply well-aspected astrologically, stealing their good astrological benefits for herself.


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