Horsemen of Kalibar

Horsemen of Kalibar

These are the average stats of Kalibar’s soldiers. Individuals of interest will vary, but use this as a baseline.

Lifepaths: Village Born, Groom, Cavalryman
Stats: Wi: 4; Po: 5; Ag: 4; Per: 3; For: 4, Spd: 3
Attributes: Hea: 5; Ste: 6, Refl: 3; MW: 10

Skills: Mounted Combat Training, Armor Training, Shield Training, Animal Husbandry: 2, Riding: 4, Bolo: 3, Sword: 3, Brawling: 3 (5 for Gino)

Elective Skills (Each horseman has one of these): Mending: 1, Horse-Wise: 2, Road-Wise: 1, Haggling: 2 (Gino)

Sergeants. One man in 10 is a sergeant, add 2 points to any combat skill or riding. Plus Command 2.

Traits: Affinity for sword (1D), Affinity for bolo (1D), Ambidextrous.


RMQ bolo. DoF: 1-2 3-4 5-6, Power +1, VA—, Pos 1D (opt or extr), range 50 paces. On Mark hit gain free Lock attack at Power 2. On superb hit, Power 4. Damage: I3, M6, S9. Attack: 3 (skill) + 1 (trait).

SQ scimitar with weighted pommel. Power 2, Add 2, Slow, VA 1, Long, can great strike. Damage: I4, M8, S12. Attack: 3 (skill) + 1 (trait) +1 (fork brawling).

RMQ rapier. Power 2, Add 2, Fast, FA 00, Short. Damage: I4, M7, S10. Attack: 3 (skill) + 1 (trait) +1 (fork brawling).

Horse w/ gear

SQ leather armor and skull cap (2D chest, 1D elsewhere)

RMQ shield (buckler, 2D)

RMQ shiv. Power 0, Add 1, Fast, VA —, Shortest. Damage: I3, M5, S7. Attack using Brawling: 3 (skill).

Horsemen of Kalibar

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