Georgian Forest

The Georgian Forest is a moderately-sized forest bordering the Earldom of Vinnitsa to the west, the badlands of Georgia to the east, the Great Sea to the south, and mountains to the north. The Georgian Forest is split by the Spirit Moon River.

The Georgian Forest is one of several forests in the Empire granted autonomous rule to it’s elven inhabitants, as per the terms of the Dire Treaty.

In the southern region of the forest the empire is using orcs to strip-mine lumber and build the Emperor a new fleet of ships.

Prominent Elven NPCs

  • Ellandil, Prince of the Elven Forest, male, etharch. Heads the elven council, which includes Iston, Mitar, Wekmar, Corda, and Cibrock. Visited Eiithmaiya to create standards and jewelry.
  • Iston, Counsellor to Ellandil, male, etharch, close friends with Minah, came to meet Ada Loban Nythil and Vecna in the lumber yards of the forest, took Ada to Nile’s pool, helped Ada secure her ambassador title.
  • Teslanor, male, wilder elf, reputation as “the oldest elf in the Georgian Forest”, trainer of rangers (including Ada).

Ada Loban Nythil, Adrian’s PC, ambassador to the Empire.

Non-Elven NPCs



Village of Bark Home

  • Small elven village where Elven (Dee’s character) grew up.
  • Agatha, elf weaver, older wilder elf lady, weaver, a witch, loved to sing, wife of Arno.
  • Arno, elf Woodcutter, husband of the Agatha, taught Elven about the forest.

Drachohazzit lives nearby.

Georgian Forest

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