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In our Earth history Alexander the Great is said to have “conquered the known world.” But that is purely a western perspective; Asian historians would have a different point of view. Similarly, in Chaldea, Emperor Kordaava has “conquered the known world”—-but that statement is only true from the perspective of those who live in the part of the world Kordaava has conquered - The Kordavan Empire. Since the Big Story is about Kordaava—-both pre- and post-assassination—-all the PC groups are based in the Kordavan Empire and from the perspective of people living here Kordaava “rules the world.”

In actual fact, Kordaava rules less than half the world. The portion he rules is properly called The Kordavan Empire. On the other side of the world lies another empire that is far older and more deeply entrenched. It is called the Celestial Empire and it spans across most of the continent called Asianic.

The Kordavan Empire is roughly the size of the Mediterranean region of Europe, with a large sea (or small ocean, if you prefer) mostly surrounded by land to the north, east, and south but opening up in the west toward The Great Sea. To the north lies a vast land of varying terrain stretching from the great sea in the west to the Garnon Forest and Mountains of Treve in the east.

Prominent cities are Saratov, Astrakhan, Larkt, Port Kar, and Lanai. Saratov is the capital of Kordaava’s empire and all of these cities lie along the coastline or major waterways of this region. These are the major cities of this time.

In the east, circling south past the Garnon Forest lies a large arid plane of mediocre quality with only one settlement of note, a small fishing village recently renamed Kordava, the birthplace of the emperor, who was born here. To the southeast lies the Cloudforger Mountains from where the dwarves ruled centuries ago.

If you set sail from the lands described above to venture out into the sea there are many things one might encounter. But ocean navigation is very tricky. It’s not linear and geometric, like on Earth, but mystical and tied heavily to Astrology. See Navigation in Chaldea.

Most prominently, there is another continent called the Mountains of Chaos, populated by the Targonians, elves, and Marn, a land populated by the strangely alien tenders of deep vegetative lands.

Also in the Great Sea you might find the large island of Perrin, home of the best shipwrights of Chaldea and numerous dragons, along with the early signs of an Arthurian-like culture.

Also in the Great Sea are hundreds of smaller islands and, somewhere beyond the clouds, the feared agitars, enemies of all races and masters of lightning, who dominate the skies from their pegasi mounts - at least when no dragons are about!

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