Garnon Forest

The Garnon Forest is the quintessential “enchanted forest”, both for good and evil. The Garnon is the local “aspect” of the World Tree from Norse Mythology.

Walking in the forest without knowing its pathways could lead to trouble. The Garnon is dotted with “Garnon clearings”. Garnon clearings are extra dimensional pockets that range in size from microscopic to planetary and some are their own planes. This is caused by the Garnon’s association with the World Tree. A few clearings are well known to the local denizens, others are known to no one or just a select few. No one knows them all. Clearings are typically accessed by walking a specific path, sometimes only during special times.

Of course the elves love this. There is a large elven community in the Garnon Forest and a number of High Elves living in a clearing called Calenidwell conducting experiments in magic.

On the dark side, the Garnon Forest is also home to the Swamp of Conn.

See Lat for information about a sorceress of the Garnon who steals magic from chidren.

It’s extremely difficult (and expensive) to maintain, but the Empire has extended the Coastal Highway through the Garnon Forest (it used to stop in Varena). On this highway, one of the common stop-over places is the Staggered Goat Inn. The proprietor is a satyr named One Eye. One Eye sends out an ox master named Adrian Blackstone on errands for him. Adrian is extremely resourceful and, if you can convince him to take you on, is the very best guide one could hire to escort you through the treacherous Garnon Forest. Recently, One Eye has sent Adrian away, telling him, “Don’t return into you find it!” But Adrian has no idea what “it” is.

Garnon Forest

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