Out of the five prominent races, the dwarves are definitely on the decline. The dwarves who remain now risk being cut off from their kin who have delved into the earth. This is a topic of much debate over late-night ales. Almost yearly a host of dwarves bands together into a great migratory pilgrimage called a hajr to “catch up” with their kin through tunnel passages that are becoming longer, increasingly treacherous, and more difficult to navigate. It’s speculated that within a hundred years this trek will become too difficult for the young or elderly. The dwarves who remain tend to be those with strong ties on the surface, perhaps through wealth or status. Some are simply rebels or outcasts. A recent, somber trend has been sterility - the surface dwarves are losing their ability to bear young.

Race Relations: Dwarves find human company pleasant enough and dwarves will often bless humans with dwarvish wisdom on managing property, wealth, and governance. Dwarves also love to talk as if representing the entire Dwarven race, whether he or she has the authority to do so or not. “Soon you’ll have to manage this plane without us so let me explain a few things.” “Watch out for dragons, they like to use what we call a claw-claw-bite routine.” “Best to keep your wealth diversified so you can’t lose it in one fell swoop.” There is no general dwarvish opinion of elves; the two races have not interacted in a major way. A specific dwarf’s reaction to an elf is going to be random, based on local rumors and the prejudices of associates. “I hear they like forests. They can have ‘em for all we care.” Dwarves hate dragons with a passion. Mirithian is the exception, he is revered. But dwarves tend to conveniently forget that a handful of other dragons helped Mirithian and most dragons of today weren’t even around during the Great War. “Don’t matter if he was alive back then or not - he’s a dragon and he deserves to die.” “The only good dragon is the one whose head will eventually hang above my fireplace.”

Some dwarven clans of Chaldea

Other notable clans amongst the kingdoms near Saratov are:


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