Dire West

Many humans believe the woods are terrorized by evil spirits, demon-possessed humans, and elves who will rape virgins if they wander in the forest alone. Some humans also believe that evil elves can make the sky dark as night even in mid-day.

Dire West is under military jurisdiction. Life for elves has become increasingly unpleasant. There are still many monsters and some well-kept secretive treasures as well. Shadon’s spring is in Dire West, to date secluded and off the beaten path.

It is well known that there are nests of giant spiders in Dire West. Human hunters bravely venture into these nests to take spider silk and sell for high prices in Kansk.

Commerce: Leaves are gathered to sell or the stuffing of mattresses, lumber for many things of course including fuel for cooking and heat, breweries, ironworks, and glassworks.

Hideouts for bandits, outlaws, and runaway slaves.

Dire West

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