Chaldea Short Film Ideas

These should be considered working titles only. Author is free to suggest a new title, and I’m sure that will be fiercely debated. Click on the title for the full write-up.

Jack Rover. Jack Rover uses his freedom of movement as Reeve of York to organize illegal religious gatherings, outwitting Harry Bangor, the high priest of Set.

Luther. A worshiper of Ra is tortured in the afterlife. Apophis tries to send him in the right direction but fails.

Casandra the Cat. A prominent thief of York kills a man who tries to rape her; the man is Darin Swartout, and somehow, he lives.

Duanor Dzirt. An outcast dwarf nurses his hate for 20 years in the gulag after being raped by a dragon, then dedicates his life to killing dragonkin.

Hefeweizen Twofields. Background story on the PC.

Alyce Dupook. Background story on the PC.

Discordia Carus. Background story on the PC.

Apophis. Background story on the PC.

Bubba wubba-hubby tub tub. Front line villain suggested especially for Doug Herring’s benefit!

Duke Elliott Swartout II. When Elliott is 24 years old his dad dies and he inherits York, an obscure barony in Perrin. Two years later he’s married to the king’s sister, he’s annexed another barony, and York is now a duchy. How the hell?

Characters claimed for short film development: Darin (Hodge), Argyle Blackfield (Michael), Harry Bangor (Peter)

Unclaimed characters that might make interesting short stories: DL, Fleris Dupook, Dirge, Michel Bosseur, Francis Martel, Montegue Swartout, Elliott Swartout III, Hugh Godwin, Charles Girardin, Oddo Goldsmith.

See also: Principals of Chaldean Story Telling.

Chaldea Short Film Ideas

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