The Kingdom of Azerbaijan is abbreviated to “Az” in everyday speach.

Pre-Empire Royal Family

The last ruling family of Az was King Geoffrey Capet D’Argent Mathrafal and Queen Angharad ap Llywelyn (parents to Argent). King Geoffrey was a great warrior of grit and steel who refused submission to Kordaava. The Az army held out well, forcing Kordaava to regroup and return the following season. But Kordaava suffered setbacks in this season as well when the elves of the Dire Forest set old disputes aside and entered the war on the side of Az, dragging the war out another season. Eventually Kordaava committed demon troops to settle the matter.

Subjugation by Kordaava

Kordaava conquered Az 25 years ago and executed the entire royal family of King Geoffrey after a bitter war that required Kordaava’s personal attention. The elves continued the war but after their citadel in Dire West was razed two years later they sued for peace in what was called the Dire Treaty. Part of this treaty allowed for elven self-rule in Dire East. Some elves continued living in Dire West but conditions have been stressful.

After conquest, resistance to Imperial governance continued as the people of Az are fiercely independent. Eventually, Imperial Legate Sivitis and the 7th Legion were sent to occupy Az and Sivitis was appointed Governor of Azerbaijan.

Sivitis ruthlessly rounded up trouble-makers and has ruled with an iron fist ever sense.

King Errand Kastagar

Duke Kastagar was appointed King Kastagar by Emperor Kordaava after the defeat of King Geoffrey.

Prominent Areas

The capitol and primary city of Az is Kansk.
Flowing into Kansk from the north is the Black River.
North of Kansk is the Dire Forest.

Rural Az

There is a winery outside Kansk that was the home to Eladamari until his disappearance.


Azerbaijanis are rugged, independent, and stubborn.

Under Kordaava crops have been plentiful, no plagues, no wars. Hard not to like that. Providing you can stomach human sacrifices and such!


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