West of Aimill is a large mountain range, the Cathilion Mountains. In these mountains live the atars (formerly: agitars), large satyr-like humanoids who can wield electricity like magic while fling on griffon mounts.

Atars are a stoic, lawful race, rarely finding humor or joy in anything. Atars believe all other races should be subservient to them. Their arrogance makes them extremely difficult to negotiate with, for enslavement of others is their fundamental premise.

In combat atars will fly above their enemies, beyond archery range, and hurl down bolts of lightning. Atars generate electricity by riding through clouds, the stormier the better. This electricity is released when they attack with their lightning volleys. An average atar can lob 3-5 lightning bolts before needing to return to clouds to recharge.

The Cathilion Mountains are, of course, the stormiest mountains of Chaldea!

Atars are immortal and they are extremely lawful. An atar will never betray another atar. The combination of immortality and lawfulness have created a social structure that rarely changes, and the atar king, Agarion, is the only atar king there has ever been.


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