Aimill is a small kingdom of humans that forms the peninsula of the Asianic continent. In spite of its modest size, Aimill has a rich cultural history, a strong military tradition, and has played an active role in the development of the civilized world.

People from Aimill are called Aimians.

Aimill is loosely based on real-world France, with a French-sounding language and a love of art, culture, architecture, and philosophy.

Aimill has vied for power many times with the Perts, with inter-mixed bloodlines, conflicts over the same colonies, and naval supremacy.

Something that’s helped Aimill flourish is that they are geographically protected. To attack Aimill, you need to sail there. This comfort is offset, however, with complex relations with the Atars, who see the Aimians as their subjects.


The Aimians were the original inhabitants of Tolance and Ulbere. The Aimians suffered greatly at the hands of the Trevens from the east, the Orshavans from the north, the orcs and Manti from the south, and the Larktans from the northwest. Ultimately they forged an agreement with the Atars, who sold to them the land now known as Aimill. Today when people think of Aimians they think of Aimill but there remains a large population of Aimians, by custom if not by law, in the kingdom of Larkt. The Aimians here enjoy some degree of self-governance from their cultural capital of Tours.


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