Adventure Logs

If you’re like me, you find the organization of the Adventure Log entry confusing. The purpose of this page is to provide a nice list of links to all the sessions.

Az PCs

  • Az PCs, Session 001. Shadon and Vol come to Kansk looking for some missing elves.
  • Az PCs, Session 002. Durgoth stands up to Mirador.
  • Az PCs, Session 003. Caylonda isn’t so happy to see Argent.
  • Az PCs, Session 004. Vol visits winery and discovers there are 7 missing elves.
  • Az PCs, Session 005. Argent decides not to “send Tomei a lesson.”
  • Az PCs, Session 006. Shadon gets down with the Spiders.
  • Az PCs, Session 007. Inspector Moore’s treachery is revealed.
  • Az PCs, Session 008. Siri and Durgoth infiltrate the lanista of Brunitis.
  • Az PCs, Session 009. The PCs receive gifts from the elves.
  • Az PCs, Session 010. The PC’s rescue the elven gladiators, Casius and Rafael.
  • Az PCs, Session 011. Siri tries to fool Brunitis into thinking she wasn’t involved and narrowly escapes. The elves are taken to Shadon’s Spring.
  • Az PCs, Session 012. Shadon and Vol meet Black Venom, Argent meets Garrond the Roden Seer, Siri and Vol are grilled by Agatha.
  • Az PCs, Session 013. Our first trait vote! Shadon survives an assassination attempt by the Hunter, Durgoth “wins” a Duel of Wits, Vol explores Mirador’s library, the Alemaster gains an apprentice.
  • Az PCs, Session 014. Argent and Vol visit Tomei, the party explores the Grey Citadel where Shadon is seriously wounded by a maul-wielding ogre.

Saratov PCs

  • Saratov PCs, Setup. This describes how the GM setup the Saratov PC group.
  • Saratov PCs, Session 001. Mavra must “look after Ada” and other vignettes leading to a dinner party at Chaldea Prime.
  • Session 2. More roleplaying and test mongering around Saratov?
  • Saratov PCs, Session 003. Rats of Poseidon! The PC’s travel to Vinnitsa.
  • Session 4. PC’s arrive in Vinnitsa, lodge at Thornbird’s, decide to throw a party.
  • Saratov PCs, Session 005. Vecna’s Flash Ball, part 1.
  • Session 6. Vecna’s Flash Ball, part 2. The party culminates in an assassination.
  • Session 7. The PC’s visit Taras. Kalibar borrows Tinielle’s perception and loses appendix.
  • Session 8. Fight scene with the orcs in the shipwright yards.
  • Saratov PCs, Session 009. The PC’s leave the Georgian Forest, returning to Vinnitsa and then Saratov.
  • Session 10. Roleplaying around Saratov, getting ready for Court scene.
  • Session 11. Ada meets King Sulamin of Larket.
  • Session 12. Kordaava’s Imperial Court.
  • Saratov PCs, Session 013. Kwell at Clan Week.
  • Session 14. Some PC’s accompany Kordaava in a campaign against Roofdrak.
  • Saratov PCs, Session 015. The party departs for Esh but finds themselves lost at sea.
  • Saratov PCs, Session 016. The party arrives in Esh, fights Fortress Defender.
  • Saratov PCs, Session 017. Important agreements are struck with Sakhmet. Mitar tries to bamboozle Mavra.
  • Saratov PCs, Session 018. Sakhmet pleads with Vecna. Soviet catches up with Mavra.

Vishkon PCs

  • Vishkon PCs, Session 001. Elven meets Szazarac.
  • Vishkon PCs, Session 002. Elven leaves home to find Perth to learn about her father’s people (dwarves). On the way, Elven is seduced by Nile and bears his love child.
  • Vishkon PCs, Session 003. Elven arrives at Perth, meets Vishkon and Mikael Orlov.
  • Vishkon PCs, Session 004. Elven meets Buzo and begins learning about dwarves.
  • Vishkon PCs, Session 005. First session with Garvin, Balin, and Eiithmaiya. Lots of drinking and several PC’s make their acting debut.
  • Vishkon PCs, Session 006. Eiithmaiya wins commission to make jewelry for the Elven Prince. Garvin and Balin truss up a would-be customer, thinking he’s an Imperial agent.
  • Vishkon PCs, Session 007. The group ventures up to Fist Hold to meet Makala. Dred makes quite an impression.
  • Vishkon PCs, Session 008. The group returns to Perth with Makala.
  • Vishkon PCs, Session 009-A. Elven leaves Perth looking for her father and has a run-in with the dwarves of Vinnitsa.
  • Vishkon PCs, Session 009-B. Elven arrives in Saratov and learns from Eli Graybeard that her father did 15 years of hard time at The Gulag.
  • Vishkon PCs, Session 010. Balin and Garvin catch up with Elven at Forge Park in Saratov and learn that Elven’s father is fighting dragons!
  • Vishkon PCs, Session 011. The party sets sail to Perrin on a ship full of cultists.


Adventure Logs

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