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  • Vinnitsa

    h3. Notable NPCs of Vinnitsa: * Mr. Thornbird: Proprietor of the Gilded Dragon, a proper manor.
    Male, human, Perrinite.
    Outgoing, a bit proper, enjoys tending bar.
    Belief: "Treat visitors with respect and they will return the favor."

  • Clan Prukin

    Clan Prukin is the dominant dwarven clan of [[Vinnitsa]]. It is a small clan, but quite wealthy, with its wealth anchored around its monopoly on regional banking under the clan's leader, [[:theodore-prukin | Theodore Prukin]]. The clan tends to be …

  • Uker

    Uker is a barony in the Earldom of Vinnitsa. It is ruled by Baron [[:romanov | Romanov]], a rival to Baron Yves Luransk. Romanov owns a lanista and his liege is Earl Vadim.

  • Vadim

    Vadim is a complete dolt who thinks he is well connected with [[:kordaava | Kordaava]]. Family includes submissive wife, two obese and vulgar daughters, Roantha and Katherine, oldest soon, Bool, and youngest son, Sigund. During a dinner with [[:vecna | …

  • Soviet

    Recently promoted high priest of Set for Vinnitsa. Suspects the PC’s of having stole Tomi’s signet ring. Tonsured. Ritually scarred. See also [[Church of Set | Church of Set]].

  • Pablo

    Smugger, guildmaster of the Guilded Dagger rogues guild. Male human. Has set up spice smuggling run to Saratov with Mavra. Reputation: Fair-minded privateer. Belief: Keep blood off the streets and crime amongst the criminals.

  • Taras

    * [[Vecna]] hears of him and wants to reach out, suggests such to [[:lalfroth | Lalfroth]] who of course escalates the situation. As a wizard, his taxes are due to [[:lalfroth | Lalfroth]], and he has not paid. Taras asked [[:vecna | Vecna]], "Discover …

  • Theodore Prukin

    Concept: Helpful but risk-averse dwarven banker. Reputation: Excellent customer service. Prukin was the model of dignity and customer service for Kwell in Vinnitsa, never raised an eyebrow at the wierdness, but refused to stray outside the box. He …

  • Fosters

    h5. Fosters Male, dwarf, M3 "Fellow" of Vinnitsa. Fosters is sophisticated, a lot like Kwell, who he helped when Kwell needed some debts covered related to Vecna's Flash Ball and his alcohol acquisition. Instinct: Have Burl tear them to shreds …

  • Singal

    Male, human, captain of the Mistral, a caravel. Handsome and charismatic, Singal first interacted with the PC's by flirting with Ada, vying for her attention against his good friend, Minah. Essentially, he helped Minah get the assist. Ended up taking …

  • Minah

    Male, etharch expert rider and swordsman. A budding romance interest for Ada. Friends with Singal and Iston. Flirted with Ada at Vecna's Ball. Later took Ada on a forced march horseback ride across Luransk to meet Vishkon. Gave Ada a ring to …

  • Tomi

    Formerly the high priest of Set in the city of Vinnitsa. Bitter rivals with [[:vera | Vera]], a priestess of Bast. At Vecna's Flash Ball, Vera killed Tomi by poisoning her. Pepper stole her signet ring and asked Mavra to fence it for him on …

  • Vera

    Formerly the high priestess of Bast in Vinnitsa (underground). Slew [[:tomi | Tomi]] using poison at Vecna's Flash Ball. Captured and turned over to the emperor for public execution --- but rescued by Bast!