Tag: Priests


  • Akzeres

    Concept Many fear the priests of Set, and I was an Inquisitor whom even other priests fear. Charged with routing out heretics, sorcerers and witches, I traveled the land bringing torch and sword to those harboring malice for the holy Church. Yet the …

  • Soviet

    Recently promoted high priest of Set for Vinnitsa. Suspects the PC’s of having stole Tomi’s signet ring. Tonsured. Ritually scarred. See also [[Church of Set | Church of Set]].

  • Thulsa Doom

    * Close friend to Kordaava, old adventuring buddies from way back. * See also [[Church of Set | Church of Set]]. * For a piece of short fiction featuring this character, see [[Prose, Tulsa 1 | Prose, Tulsa 1]].

  • Uhlotep

    h4. Living Legend of Uhlotep, Arch Inquisitor of Set _Kudos to Owen Seyler for creating this nemesis for his character._ Of Arch Inquisitor Uhlotep, little is written beyond the formal invocation adorning the crown of the sacred rotunda containing …

  • Tomi

    Formerly the high priest of Set in the city of Vinnitsa. Bitter rivals with [[:vera | Vera]], a priestess of Bast. At Vecna's Flash Ball, Vera killed Tomi by poisoning her. Pepper stole her signet ring and asked Mavra to fence it for him on …

  • Vera

    Formerly the high priestess of Bast in Vinnitsa (underground). Slew [[:tomi | Tomi]] using poison at Vecna's Flash Ball. Captured and turned over to the emperor for public execution --- but rescued by Bast!

  • Chaplain Bruno

    Everyone calls him Chaplain, though that's not very discrete. His pirate name is Bruno. His real name is Tobias Kirk. [[:apophis | Apophis]] knows that Father Tobias is a priest of Ra who serves as the chaplain on a pirate ship called the Misty Raven …