Tag: Caer Paraval


  • Caer Paraval

    Caer Paraval is a city of giants. These are not the dumb, brutish giants of Norse Mythology, but intelligent builders and workers of stone and wood. Most of the city is "giant-sized", meaning the streets, buildings, and stairways are sized for the …

  • Mikos

    Member of a secret military order of Osiris, The Jagged Scepter. Associations: PC's: [[:notwen]], [[:arnis]]. See NPC's based in [[Caer Paraval]]. Based in [[Caer Paraval]].

  • Notwen

    Member of the Potato Cabal, a group of wizards and priests of Tanai. The cabal is so named because a potato can last for years, underground, and has many eyes---a network around the globe. Associations: PC's: [[:mikos]], [[:arnis]]. See NPC's based …

  • Arnis

    Associations: Smuggler's Brotherhood (a crime guild, loose). PC's: [[:notwen | Notwen]], [[:mikos | Mikos]]. See NPC's based in [[Caer Paraval]]. Circles: Carlos, Bathsheeba Has forged paper from a merchant guild. Based in [[Caer Paraval]].