Saratov PCs, Session 015
Lost at Sea

Present: Mavra Chang, Vecna, Prince Kalibar, Ada Loban Nythil, Kwell Geldzahn, Pavel, Serakka Cloudforge, Yakov, and Smirnoff.

Before Leaving Saratov

Emperor Kordaava invites Mavra to dinner in his quarters. He sends his personal counselor, Guille (Aimilian) to pick her up in a gilded carriage. Guille has a friendly disarming disposition, the consummate butler, etiquette off the charts, “I’ve arrived with the bar!”

The dinner is “informal” by Imperial standards and “intimate” in that Mavra is Kordaava’s only guest but of course it’s never truly private as they are waited on hand and foot and there’s a sense that guards are within easy reach. Kordaava thanks Mavra for the use of her ship in his battle against Roofdrak and gives her a gift, a magical sail, perfectly fitted for the Markovian. The sail is of exquisite workmanship with intricate golden threads along the seams, Mavra’s sigil across one side, Kordaava’s on the other. See the Celestial Wind entry under Items.

Viktor proposes a smuggling opportunity to Mavra, “How do you feel about human cargo that wishes to avoid ‘Emperial entanglements’?” Mavra says yes and is introduced to Montegue, Sir, who asked to meet Mavra before committing to the deal.

Kwell’s family organizes a send-off party for Kwell, Serakka, and their friends, a private party at the Chaldean Prime. The PC’s meet several of the crazy dwarven relatives: Therbotran, Grantal, Maulfist, and Haggaih, along with some other influential dwarves like Eli Graybeard (who shares the fascinating story of Elven). A dwarven midwife named Beatrice performs a fertility blessing. Kwell and Serakka are both given very large diamonds of 50 cts plus. “To help finance the ritual, but yours to keep if you can bargain for the ritual without them.”

Lalfroth gives Vecna three new spells.

Kalibar gets a letter from Farth Dunn. “I hear you’re looking for Lum. He used to run with a guy named Saul, who might have a clue as to how to find Lum. Saul is currently held prisoner on Dorsang in the Tongued Fortress.”

We established that Kalibar has several older brothers and sisters.

We established that Vecna does not know Lum the Mad.

Lost at Sea

Mavra used a Seven Seas-Wise test to establish that once a year the Royal Camberland Yacht Club hosts a race around the island of Dorsang and that for this race there is an amnesty. Pirates and other criminals of the high seas can participate without fear of arrest.

The party boards on the Markovian and sails up the coastline to Pavladov and then heads west to Dorsang. Unfortunately, Mavra doesn’t know about the “Dorsang Drift” which often causes captains to miss Dorsang altogether and sail past it. Like Mavra, for example. The ship is lost at sea in calm waters for several days before a wind picks up. There ends up being a water shortage because the last two casks of water are mislabeled, they actually contain cod liver oil instead. Several of the crew get sick from dehydration and one of the pilgrims with Montegue dies at sea. Kwell drinks the cod liver oil as if it were water, thinking it will help his seed for the upcoming ritual with Isis. He drinks far too much of it and gets sick and even hallucinates.

The ship eventually encounters a squadron of agitars flying pegasi. The agitars don’t engage or offer to help but shadow the party for some time. The ship finds land but instead of Dorsang they are NW of Aimil. They follow the coastline and eventually reach Aimil waters. The agitars stop shadowing them there and they are met with an Aimilian warship, The Marquee, a three-masted caravel commanded by Captain Cheval. Cheval escorts them to the Aimil city of Vichy.

The Aimilians are somewhat distrusting and hold Vecna (and Pavel?) as guests on the Cheval while the party reprovisions. To party has trouble paying for all the taxes and reprovisioning costs. Kwell goes on land to find the local district manager for M3, Dargon Heggleford, who gets the costs waived. But while visiting Dargon Kwell gets sick from drinking too much cod liver oil.

Az PCs, Session 008

An introduction to the Asianic Continent was made:
• Most of the Asianic is controlled by the Celestial Empire
• Dragons rule the Empire
• The Celestial Empire is controlled by the Celestial Dragon – as far back as recorded human history.

Scene I: Kansk

Siriwattinaya (Siri) is having a typical day at her villa on the outskirts of Kansk. Patients come and are treated and sent on their way. Weary from a hard morning and afternoon’s work, Siri lies down and takes a nap in the warmth of the afternoon. A dream comes to Siri. But this dream seems unusual and mystical. In the dream she sees the waterfront dock district of Kansk. The the image of a man appears – he is tall, with dark hair and is in a room containing scattered tables and chairs. There are others in the room at the tables, but their figures are blurry and Siri cannot see their faces but she hears one of the figures say a name. “Argent.” The scene transitions. There is a sign suspended from two chains. Carved in the sign is a drinking flask. Above the image, written in common, is the word “Golden” and underneath the carving is the word “Flask.”

Siri wakes from her dream and ponders its meaning. Suddenly, she rises, gathers her physician’s bag containing instruments and potions and heads down to the docks of Kansk. After strolling around for a while and not seeing anything recognizable, she stops at one of the docks where workers are loading a ship and asks one of the men “where is the Golden Flask?” He looks at her, scrunches his brow and says, “Golden Flask? Hmmmm. I’m not sure.” Siri then tells him she is looking for Argent. “Oh, Argent! Oh Yeah, The Gold Flask, that’s his place. Just keep going down the Font here, ‘til you’re almost to the end, near where the road to the coliseum is. His place is down there.” Siri thanks the man for his help and walks down the waterfront towards the intersection. Getting close, she notices a wooden sign hanging from an iron rod sticking straight out of the wall of a 2 story wooden building. “The Golden Flask.”

It is late afternoon at the Golden Flask. A few customers remain, nursing their drinks and making conversation. Uthred stands behind the bar polishing glasses while Argent tends to a table. A loud voice on the street out front penetrates the thick heavy wooden door. “Come and watch the Games! House Barinitus brings you the most fearsome Gladiator battles of the season! Come and watch the wild and fearsome Elves battle in the Arena!”

Argent throws a look back towards Uthred whose eyebrows rise in questioning disbelief as Argent heads for the door. Pushing the door open Argent steps out looking for the Crier. A gust of wind catches a paper pasted to the oaken timbers of the door and Argent sees two caricatures of elves with swords and shields drawn on it and a description similar to the Crier’s booming call. “WTF?!” Argent says under his breath as he looks down the waterfront.

As Argent looks left down the waterfront he sees a woman looking up at the sign of The Golden Flask, eyes wide and staring. She glances down at the sign and their eyes meet. There seems to be a look of recognition on the Lady’s face. Argent unconsciously thinks of the term “Lady” – there is nobility in that face and grace in her movements. Immediately Argent invites her into the bar for a drink and she graciously accepts.

Introductions are made and light conversation ensues as they become acquainted. An instant connection is made as Argent discovers Siriwattinaya is from far to the West and is a Physician here in Kansk for about a year. She seems to be the kind of person who would get along well with Argent’s circle of friends so he arranges introductions and after several outings the circle of friends is increased by one more.

Argent brings up the new knowledge of the Elves that are supposed to be fighting in the Games. This causes consternation among the group and calls for immediate action. Some believe this information should immediately be taken to Tilith, but others caution and propose more information should be obtained on these gladiatorial Elves. Several plans are proffered, and the group settles on an excellent idea from Durgoth & Siri. They propose Siri offers her medical services to the Lanista of Brunitus and Durgoth will come along as her agent.

Scene II – Brunitus’ Lanista

Tools of the trade in hand, Siri and Durgoth set out to the Lanista which is outside of Kansk. As they approach the complex Durgoth stoops down and picks up a stone from the road. He smells it. He fondles it both hands. He licks it. He rubs it on his face and in his beard. Siri looks on with raised eyebrows and then notices a pair of eyes peering through a small barred window of the Lanista door. She nudges Durgoth who, with a look of disappointment mutters, “Hmmmm. Nothing of value. Dumb stone!”

The pair approaches the door and after several conversations with increasingly important underlings, finally talk to someone who has enough intelligence and authority to open the door and pass the offering of physician services to Brunitus himself.

Brunitus enters and offers the daring duo a seat and some refreshments. They explain that Siri is a physician offering her services to the Lanista. Brunitus asks many knowledgeable questions about wounds, medicines, anatomy, and treatments. Siri’s answers are more than correct. Her knowledge of the subject impresses Brunitus to such a degree as for him to declare he has never met such a skilled physician!

However, he is suspicious of the offer of “free services" and, with narrowed eyes, asks “Why would you offer your services free when clearly you are very skilled?” Durgoth leans forward and locks eyes with Brunitus and with the best honest face, and sincere eyes he can muster, declares that Siri is new to the area and is seeking to build up her clientele. Siri also speaks up and says that the free offer is a free examination of the gladiators so that she can give an honest appraisal of treatment and costs. Brunitus looks from one to the other and any thought of duplicitous motives flees his mind as he gleefully anticipates engaging the services of the best physician in Kansk!

Brunitus arranges for the pair to examine the gladiators in the Lanista’s surgery. One by one the men are brought in, finally, an Elf is brought in. He listlessly responds to requests and questions. His name is Raphael and is clearly depressed and remote. He says he is from the Dire Forest, but when Siri presses him for more details, he declares he wouldn’t want any Elf to see him here and brusquely declares the examination over and leaves the room. The next Elf to enter seems more upbeat, and responds much better to questions. Cassius is less resigned than his compatriot, Siri and Durgoth learn that the pair of Elves are indeed from the Dire Forest and were brought here within the past 18 months. Neither Elf responded to Dugoth’s declaration that “Vol says For” so they know neither one is her Betrothed. They do not want to raise suspicion and have taken too much time already. The next man to be examined is brought to the door and there are no more questions for Cassius.

Siri relays her examination results to Brunitus and an arrangement, brokered by the wily Durgoth, is made for retaining her services.

Dice & Artha

Siri spends 1 Persona and 1 Fate to make the astonishing rolls securing her place in the eyes of Brunitus:
Routine Surgery Test B3 + 4 Forks + 1 Persona + 1 Fate:
XiaoWen Wu: rolled 8d6: 1, 3, 4, 4, 5, 6, 6, 6, total=35
XiaoWen Wu: rolled 3d6: 5, 6, 6, total=17
XiaoWen Wu: rolled 2d6: 2, 3, total=5

Siri leaves the Lanista with 4 Cash dice. Nice!
1 Fate (goals)
1 Fate (right time right place skill!)
1 Persona (game play)
1 Persona (embodiment)
1 Persona(Best Supporting Actor)

Durgoth spends 1 Persona and while opening Falsehood with Beginner’s Luck and a call-in with Aura of Innocence. Another astounding roll secures the scene at the Lanista!
1 Fate (goals)
1 Persona ( game play)
1 Persona ( MVP )

Think about Durgoth’s Faithful trait for next time (voting)

1 Fate (goals)
1 Persona (game play)

2 Fate (goals)
1 Persona

1 Fate (goals)
1 Persona (game play)

Vishkon PCs, Session 010

Present: Balin, Garvin, and Elven.
NPCs: Szazarac, Umod Dzirt.

The session begins with Elven, Szazarac, and Umod in Saratov after Eli suggests that Elven might find her father amongst the dwarven outcast community in Forge Park. Balin and Garvin begin the session in Perth.

Call to Order: Dwarven Rights Activists - Chapter 117

Members: Buzo, Dia Dzirt, Umod Dzirt (in absentia), Gennady, Oleg, Vasya Toppolo, and Balin.
Chair: Buzo.

The group discusses the fate of outcast dwarves. Some dwarves are suggesting that some outcasts be reconsidered for clan membership. Dia stands against this, pointing out that outcasts have turned their back on their family. Balin gives an impassioned speech about how everyone deserves a chance to regain their honor. Especially women.

Fanatics of Set Ignored

A fanatic warrior-priest of Set arrives in Perth and searches the city for any signs of worship to false gods. He asks that Mikael and Vasya organize a town meeting. The town takes it as an opportunity for a potluck. Drinks are serves, venders come out selling ice cream, hot dogs, and balloons for the human kids.

Everyone comes to order so that the warrior-priest can rant about how worship of other deities is illegal.

It’s obvious the crowd could care less. The warrior-priest and his two lackeys ride off in frustration.

Vishkon Calling Balin!

The voice of Vishkon rumbles through the valley. “Balin, come hither!” Balin scuttles off to see what the Elder Dragon wants.

“Where is Elven? You’ve let my granddaughter travel to Saratov unescorted? Go quickly and catch up with her and make sure nothing she suffers no ill fate!”

When Balin scurries out of Vishkon’s cave half the dwarves in Perth are waiting to see what’s wrong. Vasya is quite grieved to see that once again Balin is sent on a mission by Vishkon. Oleg tries to comfort him, “You’re too important to be gone, you need to stay here and run the clan!” Dia rolls her eyes at the notion that Vishkon is all worked up about Elven.

While Balin is preparing for her travel Gennady arrives lugging a large box. “Balin, this isn’t quite ready yet, but given that you’re leaving town imminently I thought I should give this to you even in its unfinished state.” He opens the box and pulls out a set of chain mail, perfectly cut to her dimensions. He points out the flaws but they are so minor that it’s obvious he’s nitpicking, that he simply was having trouble parting with the valuable mail.

Meanwhile much of the dwarven community is abuzz about the upcoming Clan Week.

The Troupe Prepares for Clan Week

It’s not just the dwarves who are preparing for clan week. Garvin’s troupe also prepares! They will do a play honoring the story of Duanor Dzirt! Three of the girls are excited about their rolls: Eduardo will play Duanor, Mark will play Mikael, and Cleopatra will play Vishkon (she’s been working diligently on her dragon make-up and costume). Donatelo isn’t too happy - he has to play Fang, the orc villain. Garvin helps by pointing out that he’ll get to use a whip.

Balin arrives and the girls instantly swarm her to tell her about the play and their roles. She listens attentively until there’s a break in the conversation and then she explains to Garvin that she’s heading to Saratov and needs him to accompany her. All the girls start whining about how they want to go to Saratov too. Balin asks why they’d want to go to Saratov and all four yell out at the same time, “The theater!” They complain that there is no scene here in Perth, and there are only two gay men and they’ve all four done both of them.

Garvin promises them they can go to Saratov if they do a great job for the dwarves during Clan Week.

Elven Goes Banking

As Elven leaves the Dwarven Hall of Records Eli hires a messenger to escort her about town, a human teenage boy named Samuel.

Hesitant to head off to Forge Park it occurs to Elven that perhaps she can find her father by visiting the bank. She instructs Samuel to take her to a dwarven bank. He takes her to the Central Dwarven Bank of Saratov. It’s a fortress, complete with motes and battlements and well armed and armored human and dwarven guards and magical sigils.

Szazarac waits outside, under the draw bridge, after leaving a drag line for Elven to yank on when she’s leaving. Elven and Umod are escorted inside.

After being patted down by security and leaving their weapons at the Coat Check, Umod and Elven are escorted in to meet the manager, Chertzo Aoril. He has a luxurious office and is standing at attention when they enter. “Would you care to open an account?”

After figuring out that Elven is looking for an outcast and has no intention of leaving any money the banker kicks them out, somewhat rudely.

Off to Saratov!

To get the PCs together we rush the overland journey of Balin and Garvin traveling to Saratov. Since Garvin is worried about how hot the situation might be in Vinnitsa given that his uncle Rory was imprisoned for selling poison there to priests of Bast, they avoid the city and simply go around it.

Once they arrive in Saratov they go to the Dwarven Hall of Records where they have to deal with the human woman who tends the entrance. She gives them the same sort of attitude and run-around that Elven got. Garvin eventually uses Persuasion to convince her to expedite their application for an appointment.

Eventually they get past her and meet Gregor who takes them to see Eli Graybeard. Eli tells Balin that just that morning Elven and Umod headed off to Forge Park, against his advice.

Elven Reaches Forge Park

Samuel takes Elven to the edge of Dwarftown, points out Forge Park, and says he’ll wait for them down the street until sunset. As Elven, Umod, and Szazarac arrive at the park they pause to take in the view of the parks sights, the forge and the gym, and all the gangsta dwarves who populate the park.

As the party walks along the park a group of about five dwarves approach threateningly. Szazarac scurries up a tree. The thugs insist start to bully Elven and Umod and demand that Elven hand over her gem-encrusted green dragon shield. When she refuses he tries to take it by force but Elven stands firm. Just as hostilities break out Balin and Garvin arrive on the scene, as does Marblehead accompanied by Rubble.

Marblehead calls the thugs off and parlies with the party. Garvin uses his silver tongue to convince the thugs that Elven’s shield is magical and will transport anyone who takes it from her to her mother’s lair. Marblehead insists on getting payment in exchange for the information they seek plus their safe egress from Forge Park. Elven demonstrates to them that she can weave golden cloth and convinces them they that she will weave for them a large golden tapestry instead as payment. An agreement is reached.

For the next two weeks the party is held hostage while Elven works on the tapestry. She is able to generate a sufficient amount of golden silk but the intricacies of weaving the tapestry are beyond her. She has a major breakdown in front of Marblehead. Fortunately they are alone so Marblehead doesn’t lose face by offering some help. A couple of the local dwarven ladies pitch in and help Elven with the finer details of finishing the tapestry.

More of Duanor’s Fate Unveiled

The payment complete, Marblehead instructs Rubble to tell Elven what he knows. “Yes, I did time with Izzy in the Gulag. I knew him well. I can promise you that when he left he did not go on Hajr. During his time on the inside he developed a deep hatred for dragons and he swore vengeance on their kind. He made friends with a couple of other dwarves who drank the same nog and when they got out they headed south to Cardigan, on the Island of Perrin, on a mission to first find a dragon-slaying weapon and then start using it. I’ve heard they’ve had some success. I believe Izzy’s ultimate goal is to return to the forest where you were raised to slay your mother.”

Az PCs, Session 007
Argent and Ceylonda Join Forces

Characters: Vol, Durgoth Derlahn, Argent, Shadon Rahl.
Notes provided by Simon.

Scene 1

Location: Golden Flask
Characters: All PC’s
Action: Discussion revealing that Celonda’s companion is indeed a Priest of Raa. The conversation flowed into the state of our beliefs in general. Talked about the 3 legs of Kordaava’s reign: financial, spiritual and martial. The group was informed of each others goings on. Discussed 2 leads for the missing Elves; Celonda and the half Orcs. Vol purchased some leather armour.

Scene 2

Location: Victors House of Gambling, Golden Flask
Characters: All PC’s, Celonda, Lione, Chaplin Bruno, Chief
Action: Vol sang Song of Songs to aid Shandon’s Cloke of the Chamelion. Argent walks into the Gambling Hall to be seen by some old patrons of his own fine establishment they hail his arrival with a boisterous greeting. The rest of the party manages to enter without notice. Celonda and Lione are gambling. Lione puts down his hand and walks over to the bar to take Argent up on his offer of a drink. Lione introduces Durgoth to Chaplin Bruno. The Dwalf and the chaplin have a drink, discussioin, and arrange to meet again. Vol and Lione make acquaintance. Celonda puts down her hand of cards after a time. She and Argent decide to take this party back to the Golden Flask. Shadon stays concealed. The party is introduced to Chief, a small …rodent man… loaded to the gunnels with an adventurer’s kit. He is a companion of Celonda’s and ‘Covers there Tracks’. The two parties sit across from one another at a long table. Celonda turns to Vol and asks for her rendition of the events surrounding the disappearance of the 6 elves. Vol outlines the events and tells of her personal loss… She sings a Song of History to clarify the tale. Celonda tells a tale of two elves. The way she hears it…a Lady of pleasure Sakura has them seconded on a floating residence anchored in Saratov Harbor. The Elves were rumored to be sold by Kansk’s Inspector More, the Chief of Police. The group decided that Argent and his companions would start the tracking from Inspector More up the ladder to his Elf supplier. The goal is to find this group or individual, stop them and take their stuff.

Scene 3

Location: Kansk Police Station
Characters: Durgoth, inspector More
Action: Durgoth went for a chat with Inspector More on behalf of his uncle Mirridor. He was met by a belligerent attitude and responded in kind. The Argument finished with Durgoth storming out after confronting More. Durgoth accused More of lying about his knowledge of where the elves are.

An Alternate Account

Darrell also penned an account of tonight’s session, as follows:

In the dim but comfortable surroundings of The Golden Flask, the unlikely group of allies sat around a worn table and discussed their options. It seemed their best source of help in finding the missing Elves of the Dire Forest was Ceylonda, the beautiful but dangerous pirate Elf and her companions, another elf L’yon, and The Chaplain Bruno, a human. Argent had noticed in a previous encounter that Bruno wore a symbol of Ra and determined that his Dwarf friend, Durgoth should meet this man as Durgoth himself was a follower of Ra.

Viktor’s House of Gaming was not too far from The Golden Flask and the companions set out to see if Ceylonda and her crew were there. Vol made a successful attempt to make herself inconspicuous while Argent stumbled in through the door with his usual aplomb as shouts of “Argent!” rang around the busy room. Alas, the familiar face of a local bar owner requires more serious preparations if one is to go unnoticed…. Shadon, meanwhile, with a slight smile and a faraway look began humming a tune before he entered the gambling hall.

Viktor’s was busy that night. Noisy calls for luck, hurrying barmaids, clinking glasses, laughter and noisy conversation filled the room. In the smoky haze Argent spotted Ceylonda and L’yon at a gaming table. Ceylonda had a satisfied look on her face with a comfortable stack of chips in front of her while L’yon looked a bit peeved with a considerably shorter stack of chips. Argent caught L’yon’s eye and with a nod indicated a space at the bar. L’yon tossed a glance at Ceylonda and the companions caught a nearly imperceptible nod of her head. L’yon pushed himself away from the gaming table and gracefully wove his way to the polished bar, seating himself next to a tall and handsome human – Bruno, the charismatic Chaplain of the Misty Raven.

Introductions are made and Argent buys a round of drinks. Durgoth, amiable and direct as usual, strikes up a conversation with Bruno. Bruno, distant and a bit of a wiseass, keeps Durgoth at arm’s length for a little while until Durgoth reveals his faith in Ra and his extreme dislike for all things relating to Set and the Empire. Durgoth, sensing an honest appeal for knowledge in the ways of Ra suddenly warms and displays a heretofore hidden sincerity in his response.
L’yon and Vol strike up an easy conversation and Vol, with her honesty and skill with the spoken word, appraises L’yon of her quest to find the missing Elves and reveals she has been studying Bardic Lore in Dorsang – a place the well-traveled L’yon is familiar with. Discovering that Vol isn’t just an innocent elf maid of the forest, but an educated and travelled bard shifts L’yon’s attitude in a positive direction.

Meanwhile, Shadon is completely overlooked in the busy gambling hall, allowing him to observe the patrons and the ebb and flow of activity. He spots, of all things, a Rodyn sneaking about the room making observations of its own. It ends up at the feet of Ceylonda keeping an ever watchful eye on the surrounding activity.

Having won an acceptable amount at the Pentacles table, Ceylonda pushes away from the game with a satisfied smirk and joins her and Argent’s companions at the bar. Ceylonda gives Argent a light hug and kiss on the cheek and Argent returns the kiss and captures her hands as they slyly reach for his knife and coin purse. Ceylonda tosses her head back and with a sultry laugh says “quick as ever Argent,” to which he replies, “hands as lovely as ever my dear.” Ceylonda introduces the Rodyn as “Chief” and suggests they adjourn to a more private setting. Argent suggests The Golden Flask as a secure location and the party leaves Viktor’s and heads down towards the waterfront. Chief shadows the group staying well to the rear, oblivious that he too is being Shadoned. [sic]

The Golden Flask is almost empty this late in the night. Uthred sees the group enter and politely but firmly escorts the last patron out. Argent holds the door open and asks Ceylonda if Chief is coming in and the Rodyn slides slyly into the bar with a quick flick of his tail, his eyes darting around the room taking the setting in at a glance. Argent hesitates in closing the door just enough to allow Shadon to slip, still unnoticed, into the main room of The Golden Flask.

Ranged around a large table Argent centered on one side and Ceylonda on the other flanked by their respective companions, the conversation begins in earnest. At first the pirate captain and her crew seem fairly disinterested in the plight of the missing Elves. Vol sings a Song of History naming each missing Elf and while the crew of the Misty Raven seems to appreciate the talented voice, they still appear unmoved. However, when the companions reveal that the Elves are Rangers from the Dire Forest and not helpless village youngsters Ceylonda and her associates become very interested – an individual powerful enough to capture these skilled elves must have treasure and magic! Ceylonda then reveals that she has heard that two male elves have been sold to a house of pleasure in Saratov run by the infamous Sakura and the seller is non-other than the Chief of Police, Inspector Moore, of Kansk.

The discussion side tracks to what kind of a being could be powerful enough to capture the elves and there is a guess that it could be a Demon or some other non-human. At this time Shadon, lounging against the wall behind Ceylonda’s party, chooses to reveal himself by saying “You know, demons are not so easy to catch.” Needless to say the Misty Raven crew is startled and on their feet, hands reaching for weapons as Shadon advances from the shadows.

Argent assures them that Shadon is with them and introductions are made all around. Ceylonda glances at Shadon several times and is put off by the distant look in his eyes and inquires if he is OK. He snaps back to the moment and muttering something about the elves losing their hope while fingering his sword. The subtle movement catches Ceylonda’s notice and as she takes a closer look, her eyes widen as they recognize the fine craftsmanship of a greater work Elven sword. When Shadon pulls the sword out and identifies it as Llewandle, the Light of the Elves, a look of respect and, dare it be shown, Elfishness, comes across the faces of Ceylonda and L’yon.
After some discussion the group decides it is time for Durgoth to follow up with his Uncle’s wish for him to warn Inspector Moore from looking for the missing elves.

The next day, Durgoth accosts Moore in his office and delivers the message to Inspector Moore, who is confused by the mixed messages he seems to get about his knowledge of missing elves and how he is not supposed to be looking for them…. He denies any knowledge of missing elves and is startled and taken aback when Durgoth leaps to his feet, hammers his fists on the desk, and bellows that he believes the man is a liar!

Artha Awards

3 fate beliefs
1 persona engagement
1 persona humor
1 persona BSA
1 persona embodiment

2 fate belifes
1 persona engagement
1 persona MVP
1 persona embodiment
1 fate trait complication

3 fate beliefs
1 persona engagement
1 persona embodiment

3 fate beliefs
1 persona engagement
1 persona embodiment

ZOCS PCs, Session 001
Why do barons have all the fun?

Attending: Sakar, Akzeres, Mohareb al-Aktari, and Yves Luransk.

Scene: Yves is holding court. His chancellor, Mikael, approaches and lets him know that he’ll be especially excited to meet this next lady. A mature, sensual woman approaches and is introduced as Mary; unbeknownst to Yves, she is possessed by Ignog, a demon of lustful violence. Mary asks if she can approach and whispers, “I have an idea that will help you win the Primus.” Yves asks how, to which she replies, “Let me meet you in your chambers tonight and judge for yourself if my skills can be useful.”

Scene: Sakar in the slave quarters of the ludis. A new recruit brags about having seen the Jeweled Dagger of Shadows. Varro mentions this to Sakar, Sakar has him brought over. Thomas lips off a bit and they rough him up a bit. Sakar goes to see him privately later and learns that Thomas saw the dagger in a safe in Pablo’s bedroom but was caught before he could retrieve it.
Scene: Akzeres and Mohareb in a cave. They have been on the lam for many days, fleeing the scene of Akzeres’ conversion. Mohareb is waiting for Therek, who eventually arrives. Therek is suspicious of Akzeres but is convinced of Mohareb’s sincerity. Therek sends them to see Aaron in Luransk for judgment.

Scene: Mary comes to Yves at night and he has the time of his life. She’s the best fuck ever, doing things most women don’t or won’t.

Scene: Yves in the VIP box at the primus! Sean tests Estate Management, forking in Administration, to see how well his boys other than Z fight during the build-up to the main event. Sean wins the roll by a modest margin; his school is winning! Also in the VIP box: Earl Vadim and family, Romanov (Sean’s rival) and a shadowy figure, Veronique & Mikael, Soviet (high priest of Set for Vinnitsa), Col. Berry, Prukin & Fosters (local dwarves of import), Captain Singal (privateer) & Minah (elven ranger), Pablo (thieves guildmaster).

Scene: Sakar fights Skulltron, Romanov’s best gladiator. Skulltron is the toughest-looking opponent Sakar has faced. Sakar is conflicted; on one hand perhaps he’ll find the death he seeks, on the other hand he wants to humiliate Romanov. Before entering he gets advice and motivational speech from Oenamaus (+1D). Skulltron is poisoned, though. Sakar wins the fight but it is a hollow victory for Sakar. Oenamaus sees that Skulltron was not 100% and comments on it.

Scene: Akzeres and Mohareb find the monastery disguised as a winery. Nearby they find spooky insects, flies and swarms, arousing their suspicions. They ask for Aaron and are escorted by two acolytes out to the vineyard. Mohareb tells through aura reading that Aaron is deeply troubled. At first the encounter is tense as the PC’s are on guard but Aaron wins their trust and they learn that a woman of Aaron’s congregation has recently disappeared after breaking her marriage vows to a local deacon by sleeping with the mayor of a local town. Akzeres confirms Aaron’s suspicions of possession and word arrives that Mary has been seen with the baron!

Scene: Yves hosts a victory party. Suggest that his star gladiator be invited to join. After much libation, Mary comes to see him. “I’d like to introduce you to the woman who helped you win today; shall we go join her in your quarters?” If he goes along with it, she suggests bringing the gladiator. As they walk in to his room, a new woman, Delilah, is prepared to meet him. In the background, his chancellor is sitting on a chair with one of his slave girl behind him giving his head a massage, topless, and the other one on the floor caressing his upper legs in an arousing manner. Delilah comes to put the moves on Yves while Mary checks out Sakar.
Sakar is too suspicious and resists Mary’s charms. Sensing he won’t fall under her spell she ushers him out before he spoils the ritual.

Scene: Aaron requisitions horses and rides with Mohareb and Akzeres through the night. Riding checks, getting past security, etc. They finally arrive and bust in at the height of the orgy. The coupling has shifted around a bit with the two slave girls on the inside, with Yves, Delilah, Mary, and Mikael on the outside. Mary has just handed Yves a dagger and they are about to kill the non-possessed.

Mohareb, Sakar, and Borg dive into combat and break up the ritual. Neither slave girl is slain although one is lightly wounded with a stab of a dagger from Mary. Mohareb shows no mercy and attacks Mary lethally. Sakar tries to stop it, reacting immediately with an awesome steel test. But he can’t stay the blade and Mary, Ignog’s vessel, is slain.

Akzeres and Aaron hang back and perform an exorcism miracle on Ignog, driving his current form from this plane.

Saratov PCs, Session 013

Kwell survives clan week, in spite of a number of awkward interludes with his mother-in-law and other graybeards.

General note: Grandmother Mildred is as ornery & nasty as Aldest, perhaps moreso. Haggaih hates them like a rotten vein of yellow quartz: something one would not mind losing in a mine collapse.

As the Dwarven population has diminished, so has Maulfist’s Cloudforge Clan become increasingly less militarized and more domesticated. Maulfist monetarily supports any and all agitation of the orcs in hopes that he’ll be hip deep in black blood again. [Belief: I’ll sail to Vinnitsa; Vadim and I will obliterate the orcs.] [Belief: killing orcs and saving forests for elven oversight/logging is a fee for service operation.]

Serakka: “Daddy, i need a gem.”
Maulfist speaks with Grantal, who in turn, speaks with Kwell on the topic of fertility.

Eventually this leads to discussion of Aldest, of whom Grantal pronounces “His beard is too twisted for me to unravel.”
“We need to know how he got the Geldauge; it has a dark energy about it. "

Grantal is to talk with Prooken, to see if he has any insight, but in general, the clan is glad the Geldauge is gone, , “Perhaps it’s in the best place.”
Kwell is to speak with Taras again and consider flat-out stating that he knows Taras has the Geldauge. Ultimately there is no power play here, but appearing informed may add to Taras’s willingness to share information more directly.

Prominent clans:
50 pop each
Geldzahn – trade: Mineral Merchants’ Mittelwerk, commodities.
Cloudforge – weapons and military.

Affiliate Clans 5-20

Graybeard, Hall of Records
Clangeddon, Xenophobes
Bolest, Hajjrs
Dolgirn, Holds
Durjak, Judge, Law
Kildar, Hearth & Family
Whurarr, Iron Tower

50 Clans w 1-4 each

Kwell begins training with a “rapid” changeover of multiple crossbows, based on having pages reload a rotation of three crossbows. “Where is my shooting stein?” The pages will set up a table, small keg, stein and the three crossbows for Kwell. So long as there is order and significant range, he fires at double the normal rate. If the pages become scared, all bets are off. [Probably a steel test for them if foes come within a certain range].

Kwell is informed that Serakka has perpetrated a property crime in the temple of Set nearby over some architecture. There was a witness, but he was “so drunk he set his beard on fire” so there is little worry that the case will escape the bureaucracy.

Az PCs, Session 006


Shadon was ambushed by six spiders while in his spring in Dire West. He avoided four, and faced the final two, killing one of them. The final spider submitted and explained the attack was based off the belief a treaty was broken. Shadon followed the spider to its hive, and discovered the treaty was not broken because it was humans, not elves taking silk and killing spiders in the process. He made amends and set up his own deal that allows the spiders to use his spring in exchange for their silk.


Shadon meditated peacefully on a flat boulder in the boundaries of his spring. It was a challenge to keep thoughts of the newly acquired Luandyl from entering the stillness within his mind, but even harder to keep out the sense of impending danger. His ears twitched as he perceived a soft rustle and excited chitter from the dense forest in front of him. His eyes snapped open and he quickly located the pair of giant spiders stealthily making their way towards his location. He bolted upright, drawing his bow and notching an arrow. He turned and sprinted, the map of his spring coming to mind as he contemplated the most advantages spot for him to fire off an arrow at the oncoming beasts. He glanced left and right, taking note that two more pairs of spiders came at him in a flank. Shadon’s mouth formed a hard line and he took a sharp turn, leaping over a small tributary of the Black River in an attempt to lose some of his opponents. The pair to his right fell off into the distance, loosing sight of their target and allies. Shadon turned and fired his arrow, watching in dismay as it ricocheted harmlessly off the spider’s chitinous hide. He angled again, running quickly over decaying logs and crumbling boulders, straining to hear where the other pair of spiders was. He realized he lost them as well and he stopped in his tracks when he attained the positioning he desired in a small clearing about 100 paces from the first and final pair. He fired off another arrow and achieved the same result. He cursed under his breath and dropped his bow, drawing Luandyl. The spiders were nearly upon him as he started singing the Song of the Sword. The closest closed and jumped excitedly, his mandibles clacking in the spiders’ tongue. Luandyl ignited in a white light, an effect of the song, and Shadon advanced. He swung and the spider dodge effortlessly. Shadon stood his ground, waiting for a counter-strike as he set himself for the next volley. The spider continued to evade, the sword giving him pause. Shadon stepped in and hacked at the spider’s more vulnerable abdomen, but the spider managed to angel his body so the blow skidded off harmlessly. Shadon’s eyes narrowed and he continued the dance, coming in for a final time. He twirled around the spider’s hairy legs, and thrust Luandyl along the front of his torso. The point plunged into the spider’s bulbous body and erupted out the other end as it sank to its hilt. Shadon ripped it out as the spider collapsed dead, redying himself for his final foe.
“Stop this!” The spider clicked, much to Shadon’s surprise. “You’ve broke the treatyyyy….you must pay”
“What treaty do you speak of?” Shadon questioned, failing to recall the agreement reached between the Elves and the Giant Spiders of Dire West.
“You Elves have stolen our silk. You must pay.”
“We have done no such thing.”
“I will show you.”
“How can I trust you?”
“You have my word, you who have killed my brother.”
“Very well, take me there.”
Shadon followed the spider’s many steps with caution, realizing he was being lead to their hive. Shadon checked to make sure his sword would not catch on it’s scabbard as he entered the heart of the nest, the spider leading him being joined by another (I never wrote down his name if you have it to add Peter). Shadon listened as the new spider explained a series of thefts by Elves of spider silk, and the deaths of several spider at the hands of these bandits. The group came upon two silken cocoons, Shadon was thankful for his training and the calm demeanor stemming from it as he tuned out the many sounds of many legs ubiquitous in the air.
“Here are two of the Elves.” The spider uttered, its elvish less awkward than the first’s.
“How do i know they are Elves?” Shadon asked.
“Good point.” The spider waved a leg, and a sider descended from the canopy on a this line of silk. With its hook-like claws, it ripped open a cocoon revealing a decimated corpse. The stench of death and waste hit Shadon and he stifled a breath.
“I can’t tell what that drained thing is. Is the other in better condition?” Shadon realized it must be, as the cocoon began squirming while muffled please emanated from it. The spider ripped open the remaining cocoon, revealing a terrified, muddied, poorly disguised human. Shadon stared in disbelief, recognizing the colors of the Kordavan army. “That’s not an elf.”
“It’s not?” The spider moved to face Shadon.
“Oh. Well we can eat it then.” The hanging spider immediately sunk it’s fangs into the human.
Shadon listened to the explanation provided about the raids from the spider, trying to ignore the sucking feeding going on just ten feet away. He re-established the agreement the Elves had with the Spiders and the tried to barter a deal of his own. The spiders wanted access to his spring for its healing properties. Shadon agreed to allow them to use it in exchange for silk to be deposited for each spider at each visit. He left the hive and turned for the trek back to Kansk, happy that he had been ambushed.

General Notes:

Starting Artha: 8 fate and 4 persona
Spend one persona and fate for observation test routine
One Steel Test routine
One Perception test routine
One Stealth Test routine
One Bow Test routine
Spend one fate
Spend Persona Song of the Sword Difficult Test
Spend one fate
Rewarded one Persona for MVP
Ending Artha: 6 Fate and 3 Persona

Az PCs, Session 005
A Message to Baroness Tomei

Attending: Argent and Durgoth Derlahn.

Screen Time, This Session: Vol (0%), Durgoth (50%), Argent (50%), Shadon (0%).
Screen Time, Cumulative: Vol (28%), Durgoth (31%), Argent (27%), Shadon (15%).

Argent and Durgoth Side-Jaunt

Durgoth used Kansk-Wise to learn some basic information about Tomei.
Durgoth used Circles to meet Argyle; invited him to share some nog at the Golden Flask.
Durgoth and Argent pump Argyle for more info at the Golden Flask. It’s also the fish ladies night to come by so it’s a big night. Argent uses the excess nog to alleviate his Resources Tax.
Argent uses Assassination-Wise to find out about “sending messages.” He doesn’t like the idea of having to rough up a baroness and learns that this mission from his guild is in direct conflict with his beliefs about Az. Some discussion ensues about how this story arc might play out over time as it’s obvious the Vosk connection is going to bump up against this belief and his sense of autonomy. [The GM snickers.]

Durgoth decides to Circle up a priest of Ra. 8d6 versus Ob 5 - Failure! GM invokes the Enmity clause. “Remember the guy Celonda introduced as her Chaplain?” Uh-huh.

Durgoth heads to the Trader’s Guild. We create an NPC who’s the guildmaster, a dwarf named Dor’n. He gives Durgoth a nice primer on the spider silk trade.

Durgoth and Argent visit the baroness. They have troubles with the cart on the way there, causing them to have to walk the last mile, compromising their presentation. They have lunch with Baroness Tomei, Lucian (like Uthred, a veteran), and Argyle (the steward). After lunch they talk business and enter into an agreement on a standing price for spider silk.

After the meeting they convince Tomei to excuse Argyle. They explain that Argent has ties to Port Car and he knows that Port Car is prepared to use muscle to keep the pricing on spider silk constant. Tomei agrees to agree to renew the previous year’s pricing but that Durgoth and Argent need to deliver the silk.

Artha Awards and Beliefs Played - Detail

1 Fate: Pursuing belief about making allies.
1 Fate: Learning about the elves.
1 Persona: Humor.
1 Persona: Resolving Vosk Mission (“Mini-Deed”)

1 Fate: Pursuing belief about collecting a cadre against Set and Kordaava.
1 Fate: Pursuing belief about finding a priest of Ra (sorta) by sharing his religion with the elves.
1 Persona: Humor.

Az PCs, Session 004
Vol Seeks Eladamari

Attending: Vol.

Screen Time, This Session: Vol (100%), Durgoth (0%), Argent (0%), Shadon (0%).
Screen Time, Cumulative: Vol (34%), Durgoth (26%), Argent (22%), Shadon (18%).

Aside: In October ‘11, months after this session, Dad and I tried to recollect the details of when Vol filed a protest about the army sacking her village. We both remember the vignette hazily but can’t find any notes on it. We think it happened about this time so I’m inserting the notes here.

Vol visited the military headquarters of the 7th Legion in Kansk. She met with a military guy who was gruff, he pawned Vol off on to a smooth politically-minded Tribune Angusticlavii. He convinced Vol that he’d look into it but has no intention of doing so (a fail forward from Vol’s persuasion). Vol failed a circles test that one of these guys she met in this HQ was someone she helped during the war.

Written in Dad’s Voice

Vol Looks for an Elven Bard:

In the middle of trying to fix my sound and video Peter and I started playing the game again…. Ok I’m hooked. This is an expansion of Vol’s request yesterday to find a bard in Kantz. After the DM educated me on how to make such requests the following fell out. In fact I learned a lot about circle, reputation and skills.

Short version.

I asked for a circle test to find “an Elven bard that had studied at Dorsang and was presently in the area of Kantz.”
Routine test. I get 6 die. 3 for circle exp. 2 for Affiliation with the “Bardic Fellowship of Dorsang” and one for Bard-wise.
Circle is a default 1d Ob +1 Ob for it being local.
6 die, rolled one success (only a 4 so I couldn’t even use Artha). Failed…. (evil gleam comes into my son’s eye)
We roll play it.
Vol gets carrier dove word from Dorsang where an elven bard is by Kantz.
She goes to find him.
We now have 7 elves that have disappeared (no not Vol, Eladamari). And no new information about the missing elves. (man talk about Fail Forward)
Vol has endeared herself with a human woman by the name of Cordela Murdoch (whose family own and work one of the best vineyards in the Kantz area).
Vol has found a bolt hole in a deserted Abbey.

Long Version

In the darkness of very early morning at Durgoths Vol is attracted by the sound of one of her doves at the window. Quietly she opens the window and very happily receives her friend. There is a nervous twitch in her fingers as she unlaces the small message pouch—no of course it won’t be from Lorwyn but she trembles in any case.

[written in hafling] Yes, there is at least one Elven bard from Dorsang in the Kantz area. A very studious one by the name of Eladamari—though his studies were focused most intently on winemaking he was a noble and dedicated bard. A little too serious most of the time but I’ve learned to put up with that to a degree… He has a vineyard business with a human named Murdoch just north of the city. This just popped into my head so I am sending it right out. I will research farther to see if I can find more. The Dwarven bard you recalled is the only one in existence that I know of and, as requested, a complete list of human bards in the area that have studied here will follow. So curious to know what this is all about and how it might fit in with Lorwyn. Best of luck—do write.
Mr. Granger

Vol does a circles test. Circle exponent is 3, with a bonus of 2d as this is part of her Affiliation (Bardic Fellowship of Dorsang) plus a die for her Bard-Wise skill. Ob1 for circles test plus 1 for local. Vol rolls 6 die and gets 1 success… oooopppssss.

“Wow! Pay dirt!” I can’t wait to tell Shadon and go find this Bard. On the other hand it might be better if I just went by myself now while it is still dark and I can sneak out of the city—besides, I can’t just sit here.

Vol carefully slides her pack and Lyre from her bedroll and slips out the window. With a little cooing sound to her dove, insuring it will stay on her bedroll she slips down an alley connected to the street behind Durgoths rather than the street out front of his house.

Somehow she gets out of town without being seen and follows the northern road to where a side road leads off under a sign that says “Murdoch’s Winery, Drop in and experience life at its best.”

The sun has risen to its mid-morning position and after a 30 min walk Vol enters the gates to the Vineyard. The rolling hills on each side of the road are covered with vines and in the distance, atop one of the hills is the winery, a chateau actually. It is obviously rather new and a little in contrast to the vineyard itself which is vintage. It is easy to see that the vines are doing very well and a splendid crop is maturing. As she walks up the cart path she looks carefully, hopefully to catch sight of an Elven figure. A chance meeting would draw much less attention but obviously the workers are all human.

As she comes into the courtyard of the chateau she spots a couple wagons that appear to be here for business. The whole scene is one of neatness and care with a look of prosperity about it. At the door she hesitates as she thinks of the drunk and the Golden flask. She steels herself and uses the door knocker. A quite pleasant human female voice comes from within “Please come in, the door is open.”

Inside there are two men with flights of wine glasses in front of them seriously discussing the effect the weather this year has had on the grapes. Behind the counter is a very clean cut middle age human lady. Her clothes are common and tidy and she wears a pair of overalls of sorts. Her hair is neatly done up in a bun and pinned back out of the way.

Instead of the normal human reaction of wariness to elves the lady moves closer to the end of the counter where Vol is. Her face is actually warm and the smile she gives Vol goes all the way to her eyes. “Yes…?”

Vol is greatly reassured by the reaction and steps closer. It is only now that the two men look up to take notice of who has entered. One does a double take while the one with the empty flight of glasses in front of him does a quadruple take… However, there is only an instant of hesitation before they both return to their conversation.

Vol looks at the woman and finds her voice. “Do you by any chance know an Elf by the name of Eladamari?” The woman’s eyes fill with hope as she says “Oh, yes I do, do you have word from him?”

It only takes a moment while both women watch the hope fade from the others eyes for them to realize that they had hoped in vain.

“No, I had hoped to find him here. Has something happened to him?” Concern is very evident in Vol’s voice.

“Yes, well I think so, he is missing. I mean, we haven’t seen him for days…and…” She is a strong woman of the land but emotion is breaking through. Vol puts her hand on the ladies shoulder and quietly asks, “Is there a place we could talk?”

Without looking up she says “Arnzen, Jed” help yourselves as you need, we will be in the back if you need me.”

“Actually, Cordela, I need to be on my way, come on Jed, at the rate you’re going there won’t be any to buy this fall.” They head for the door and out to their wagons.

In the back Vol remains quiet as Cordela busies herself, pouring wine, cutting cheese and bread and setting the table. They sit down and Vol says “Please tell me what you can.”

“There just isn’t much to say—not nearly enough. He followed a very ordered routine. Every morning he was up before light and would cover most of the vineyard by dawn, checking the vines the leaves and the grapes. My husband joked with him one day “I almost think you have a personal relationship with each grape in the whole vineyard” He just looked at my hubby and said “don’t you?” He was always so quiet and gentle, and oh, so kind to the children. Breakfast is special for us and he joined us each morning—often bringing food, fruit usually, to share with us. Later he would spend time teaching letters or numbers to the children. The rest of the day he would be in the vineyard or in the old Abby where he lived.

“3 days ago he didn’t show up for breakfast. We were concerned but just passed it off. Later he didn’t come to teach the children. Now that worried us. He treated the children with respect and if he was not going to be able to do something he promised he always told them ahead of time.
We all began looking for him. My husband and I went up to the abbey and called his name but no answer. Again, yesterday he didn’t show for breakfast—none of us could eat. My husband and I went to the Abby and when he didn’t answer our knock on his door we went into his room—I kind of hated to do that but I was getting desperate. He was not there and it looked like he may have just stepped out to go hunting or something. His sword and bow were gone but most of his personal items were there—at least that we had seen or knew of.” Her voce had broken several times and Vol could tell she was almost to tears. “This morning my husband left to report Eladamari missing. He has gone to the Baron’s office in town—though we don’t have much hope that anyone will care. And I don’t mind telling you, my husband is almost frantic. You see Eladamari had a way with the grapes—almost like magic, and it had a lot to do with how wonderful our wine is. We just can’t imagine what will happen this year but even that isn’t as important as knowing what has happened to him. If we did something to offend him and make him go away…..” Her voice trailed off.

“May I see his room? The more I know the more chance there is that I may be able to help”
Without hesitation Cordela got up and started out the back door. They walked about a mile through the vineyard and by rounding a small hill came upon a small deserted abbey dedicated to some monastic order that predated the Set era.

Most of the rooms were boarded up and obviously unusable. A larger room that had held the winery equipment was empty except for the barrel racks. At the back of the abbey a series of stairs led up to what may have been the monk’s barracks.

As they entered the room Vol could tell it was untouched. Things were just right and in their places. Her eyes were instantly drawn to a sitar and as she reached out and stroked it she knew it was in perfect tune.

“What did you say you noticed was missing?”

Cordela started to speak then stopped. “First, may I ask what your relationship is with him? Are you family, friend or…..”

Vol smiled as she turned to Cordela. “Actually we went to the same school though I never met him. I know of him through one of the teachers.”

Cordela looked away and her voice seemed to have cleared a little. “When he came to us—I remember the day—he was attired in armor of some type, some material bound to leather. He had one of those beautifully engraved Elven swords and a bow, such a bow. He told the children that the bowstring was made from his own hair—and we all believe it. None of those things are here, that is why my husband thought he might have gone hunting.”

Vol looked carefully at Cordela. “I need your help with something that might frighten or stun you but it may tell me more about Eladamari. Will you listen to a few notes of an elven spell song and tell me if you heard him playing it at any time—if possible how often”

The confusion in Cordela’s mind was plain on her face but like the snap of fingers you could tell she made a decision. “Yes, anything”

Vol picked up the sitar and strummed the first cord of the Lament of Mourning……..

Cordela almost collapsed but not with the normal effects of a spell song on a human rather with trembling voice and open sobs. “yes that is his song. I heard it in the evening many times”
Abruptly she turned to Vol. “Please can you tell me anyting, anything at all about what might have happened to him?”

Vol studied her for a long moment before saying. “I can share what I know but it has no answers and might hurt more than knowing nothing. Do you really want to hear it?”

The instant response was “Yes, yes of course. The worst thing is not knowing. Anything you can tell me will help—be it good or bad”.

Vol sighed and looked down in front of Cordela “Few non-Elves realize just how sensitive we are about life overall. Elves struggle with personal grief. Not so much for themselves, as they will live as long as they have the spirit to, but for the sadness we have for the other races—the sadness that comes from seeing such innovative, dynamic and vibrant beings fade away before they can realize their full potential. It is so sobering to think of what the world loses as it loses them. This sometimes drives Elves to give up on life. We can actually be overcome by our grief and choose to just let ourselves fade away. The song is a song that helps us keep life in perspective and focus on the positive. Eladamari was dealing with his grief by singing that song. It is possible that he was overcome –but that would not explain the missing armor and weapons.

Cordela pays close attention to what Vol is telling her but it is clear she is struggling with the concepts involved—it seems that she is just beginning to understand what long life might mean—and not sure she likes the idea.

She then shared the situation of the missing Elves, leaving out the high visibility it has in the Elven court for fear that it might give Codela false hope. She explained how she was seeking Eladamari in hopes of enlisting him as an ally in the search.

Finally she confides, as one woman to another, that her betrothed was one of the missing and nothing will have a priority in her life until she finds him. “I just know he is still alive” she states with cold hard confidence.

The two women put their arms around each other and shared some time in their mutual comfort.
Later, as Vol prepared to leave she noticed the top of the temple had a falconry built into it. Thinking of the remoteness of the place she gently asked Codela if she might return from time to time to enjoy the remoteness and quiet of the place.

Codela smiled and welcomed her to come back any time she felt the need.

Artha Awards and Beliefs Played

1 Fate: Looking for Lorwyn and the lost elves.
1 Persona: Humor.

Az PCs, Session 003
A Tough Day for Argent

Attending: Argent, Durgoth Derlahn, Shadon Rahl, and Vol

Screen Time, This Session: Vol (28%), Durgoth (24%), Argent (27%), Shadon (21%).
Screen Time, Cumulative: Vol (25%), Durgoth (30%), Argent (24%), Shadon (20%).

Finishing the Bar Scene

The party spent some time wrapping up the closing bar scene from our previous session.
When the party disperses they agree to meet back at the Golden Flask the next night.

Fun with Wises

Vol tested Bard-Wise to create a dwarven bard of dwarven studies at the Bardic College of Dorsang.

Argent failed to establish using Assassination-Wise that Tomei’s business partner was assassinated.

Durgoth failed to establish using Kansk-Wise that he knew a bard for a few years who was singing a hymn he recognized from his childhood.

Shadon established using Dire Forest-Wise that near his spring is a nest of giant spiders and that there is a safe trail to the spring and a dangerous trail to the spiders.

Durgoth establishes using Kansk-Wise that there are a couple of half-orcs who have a penchant for eating elven flesh. One is an officer in the 7th Legion and the other is a culinare. They have an “interesting” relationship that’s “undisclosed.”

Durgoth Hosts

Durgoth invites the elves to stay with him and Baji and they do so, enjoying the happy home the dwarven couple has created. Vol spots the idol of Set in the niche above the hearth, but says nothing. After sorting out the sleeping arrangements the night passes peacefully.

This is the day after Durgoth’s Duel of Wits confrontation with Mirador. For the first time ever, Baji joins Durgoth in their dawn ritual of prayers to Ra. Vol joins the prayers and her and Shadon entertain the dwarves with elven singing.

Baji excitedly bakes food all the next day.

[Dad and I added in this scene retroactively] Baji can’t help but notice that Vol is carrying around a dove. Baji falls in love with the little critter while Vol explains that she has nowhere to keep it. Baji offers to build a little roost for the dove and let Vol keep her doves at their home while she’s based in Kansk.

Ceylonda is So Happy to See You!

Meanwhile, after the elves and dwarf leave the bar, Uthred turns in and Argent goes to Victor’s House of Gambling to seek out Ceylonda. He finds her, playing Pentacles with an elven male who looks familiar.

Ceylonda is as beautiful as ever. She has long blond hair that has been professionally coiffed in Roman style. Her face, neck, fingers, and arms are adorned with jewels. Her skin is fair, her lips enticing, her eyes seductive, her body strong and lithe. On her left arm she wears a large blue gaultlet. On her right hand, a fingerless lace glove that extends to her shoulder. Her neck is bare and her sturdy green corset revealing. She wears tight black pants and hard soled boots. She is armed with sword, knives, and pouches.

Beside Ceylonda is L’yon, a gorgeous, handsome elven man. He is dressed like nobility and has a bearing to match. He has a sly, knowing smile and carries himself so gracefully and centered it would make a monk cry with envy. He also is armed.

Darrell’s rolls suck and he figures he’s blown his inconspicuous and disguise so he uses a more direct approach. He buys some chips (failing that roll too, he’s now taxed by one) and sets them down by Ceylonda, muttering “The Golden Flask.”

Argent returns to the Golden Flask and wakes up Uthred.

About an hour later Ceylonda shows up with two friends (but eludes to a fourth in her subsequent conversation). The second friend is a human male, strong, wearing all black leather, armed also with sword and knives. Ceylonda refers to him as her “chaplain.”

Ceylonda looks around the Golden Flask and makes a snide comment about how Argent seems a lot worse off now than when she saw him last. Ceylonda is confrontive, demanding a settling of scores. She threatens to turn him over to the Empire for stealing the tribute. Things get tense. Argent appraises her of the missing elves. She laughs, “You think that because I’m an elf I would care about missing elves? Ha!” She does manage to caress his chin and breath in his musky scent. If Argent senses an attraction, it flits by in a mere moment.

Ceylonda leaves with a threat, “I’d kill you now but I don’t see anything here worth taking. Argent, I’m not leaving Kansk until you make things right between us.”

Not a Dry Eye in the House

While Baji is baking Shadon and Vol decide to visit the Seluciden Memorial. On the way, knowing they are heading to a war memorial, Shadon is lost in reverie. He vividly recalls the final battle with the prince, and the light of his prince’s sword, Luandul, “The Light of the Elves.” The army approaches the citadel and breaches the wall, storming into the court. The battle rages fiercely in the courtroom. The elves are taking many lives until a large fearsome demon enters the chamber. Shadon and the others who have sworn Fealty to the Fêa try to impose themselves between the prince and the demon, but the prince will not allow it. The prince steps forward to face the demon, with Luandul shining as brightly as the sun. The demon grasps the blade but the light acts as a forcefield preventing the demon from grasping it. But the grasp is immovable and as the demon exercises his will the light begins to fade, the demons hand closing tightly, until the light disappears forever. But not to Shadon. He can still see the light in the blade. The prince falls, the sword is thrown aside. Risking all, Shadon recovers it before fleeing with the others. After the battle Shadon returns the blade to Dire East, to the noble elves of the citadel there. He insists the light is not gone out, if you stare closely you can still see it, albeit barely. No one else can see it. The sword is sent to sorcerers for study and archival.
The elves arrive at the riverbank, Shadon snaps back to reality. The memorial is beside a wide beach riverbank along the Black River. The features are a gnarled juniper tree, a large statue, and a memorial shrine.

When the elves come within 20’ of the tree the illusion is lifted from their eyes. Instead of a gnarled juniper, here lies an immense royal oak. Alone, separated from the forest, it stands as a noble guardian, healthy, strong, and beautiful. From behind the oak, around steps Tilith.
The elves report their activities to Tilith and he asks them to come back regularly with progress reports. He explains that when they approach the tree it will summon him. “Between 10am and noon is best. Definitely avoid supper time.” He confirms that he and the royal court are standing by should the elves need assistance.

Tilith than hands Shadon a large wrapped object. He unraps it, revealing Luandul. “This sword has been studied for many years by several sorcerers. They all insist the Light of the Elves has been eternally extinguished. I also see nothing here by death. Since you recovered it, and since you alone see the Light of the Elves in this blade, the Elven Council has decided that you should have it. Shadon takes it. Vol looks at the sword. She recognizes its exquisite handiwork but the blade looks and feels like death to her as well. Where she does see light, however—-for the first time—-is in Shadon’s eyes as he holds the sword.

The elves examine the statue. It is to Melboron Seluciden, Tribunus Laticlavius, for his bravery in the defeat of the elves in Dire West. It mentions that Melboron is heir to Duke Seluciden.
The elves enter the memorial dome-like memorial shrine. The memorial tells through mosaic art and written inscriptions the war of conquest of the Empire over the humans of Kansk and the elves of the Dire Forest. It’s from the Empire’s POV, but the story does not dishonor the locals. It skims over (but doesn’t fail to mention) the early victories of the humans under King Geoffrey Capet D’Argent Mathrafal against the Empire. Then the glorious arrival of Legate Sivitis and the 7th Legion and his command of the campaign, the defeat of King Geoffrey, the execution of the royal family, culminating with the victory over the elves in Dire West under the command of Tribunus Seluciden.

There are about a dozen humans visiting the shrine. The mood is somber. Though the shrine glorifies the Empire, the humans here are stoic. Most are older. Some, perhaps, have lost loved ones here. When the elves arrive the air is heavy. Especially when the elves reach the end of the story, where it explains that here, in this location, Set demonstrated his mighty power by causing scores of elven bodies, those slain in the battle, to wash up here so that the citizens of Kansk would see proof of the slaughter.

Vol sing a song of soothing. Weeping ensues. One human woman hesitantly, shaking, approaches Vol as if to hug her. Vol greets her with a warm embrace. Much healing is performed.

Argent Lips Off

The day after the bar scene and the confrontation with Ceylonda (the same day that Vol and Shadon are visiting the memorial) Argent is tending bar, cleaning up after the lunchtime “rush” of 3 patrons.

Bursting through the door comes 4 bobbies and Inspector Moore! Argent notices two legionaries outside, casual-like. Moore looks back and forth between Argent and Uthred and then points to Argent. The bobbies rush forward and grapple with Argent. Moore orders the bobbies to take Argent to the station. Uthred closes up shop and follows. The two legionnaires mount their horses and follow but don’t get involved.

Inspector Moore is tall with a thick moustache and a dominant chin. He’s wearing a white vest with a long gray coat, a silver handled cane, black boots, and he walks with a confident swagger. He seems to stroll confidently with a big gait while the bobbies seem to be running to keep up. The bobbies wear thick clothes, blue coats, boots, tall rounded hats, whistles, and saps. They are mean and viscous, ready for a fight, daring and hoping that those they gather up will put up a fight.

Argent is handled roughly. At the station he is tied to a chair, bound tightly, painfully. Moore questions him about the two elven strangers who visited his bar last night. “Actually, there were four, Argent responds sarcastically, which two are you referring to?” This merits him a punch in the face from one of the bobbies. “Don’t get smart with me, barkeep!” Moore yells. Moore continues to interrogate Argent, demanding that Argent share information about the elves. Argent continues to be a smartass and keeps getting punched. After one particularly smartass comment [Help? Anyone remember the line? My memory fails me. –PA] Argent merits a kidney punch. And these cops know how to hit hard. Moore gets right in Argents face and demands that he pass along the word that he wants to question these elves. He’s sure they are tied to a viscous ring of elves in the Dire Forest who rape virgins who wander too far into the woods. [It was really hard to keep picking on Darrell like this but boy it sure was fun!]

Uthred is there to pick up Argent when they throw him out the door of the station. Argent heads to Durgoth and warns him that they need to find the elves before the cops do. They have no idea where to look. They figure the cops will be watching the Golden Flask so they position themselves such that they can see the elves approaching the bar before the cops watching the bar spot the elves. The plan works and Durgoth spots them and picks him up in his wagon. Then he fetches Argent and they head to Durgoth’s home.

The elves take to healing Argent. He’s sustained two superficial wound and one light wound (the kidney punch). But this isn’t the first time Argent’s been slapped around. He makes all his health tests and has healed naturally by the time the elves take a close look. They soothe anyway to improve the cosmetic.

As they plan how to proceed Durgoth shrugs off the cops like it’s no big deal. Argent responds, “Look at my face, it was a big deal to me!”

“Don’t Fuck This Up, Durgoth!”

At the party’s urging Durgoth decides to pay his “uncle” Mirador a visit to get advice about the missing elves and also to ask him to intercede with the police to stop harassing his newfound elven friends.

The scene is set in Mirador’s office at the Central Bank of Kansk. Mirador owns the bank. The office is ostentatious and everything is “about Mirador” here. Attendants wait hand and foot and Mirador is dressed to impress. Durgoth is ushered in ahead of others waiting in line and Mirador commands him, “Be quick, I have a board meeting waiting on me.” Mirador is rushed and not too attentive and makes a smartass comment about posting wanted posters. When it’s revealed that this would be important to the Elven Court Mirador pounces on the idea of a reward. Mirador then becomes obsessed and overbearing, going on and on about the reward, advising Durgoth that if he does find the missing elves to not ransom them back too quickly cause the price will go up over time.

Durgoth is so flustered he almost forgets to ask about interceding with the police. When he mentions it Mirador yells, “You go tell Inspector Moore that I said these elves are here on business for us and not to fuck this up!”

“Can you handle this Durgoth?” Mirador yells more than once! “Don’t fuck this up!”

Artha Awards and Beliefs Played

1 Fate: Pursuing belief about making allies.
1 Fate: Pursuing belief about learning more of elves.
1 Persona: Humor.
1 Persona: Embodiment
1 Persona: MVP

1 Fate: Pursuing belief about making allies.
1 Fate: Pursuing belief about wealth and trade.
1 Fate: Colorful roleplaying of your Thousand Yard Stare trait.
1 Persona: Humor.
1 Persona: Best Supporting Actor

1 Fate: Pursuing belief about finding a priest.
1 Fate: Pursuing belief about finding Lorwyn and the other missing elves.
1 Fate: Fair and Statuesque trait created complications with Malcolm.
1 Persona: Humor.
1 Persona: Embodiment

1 Fate: Pursuing belief about collecting a cadre against Set and Kordaava.
1 Fate: Pursuing belief about finding a priest of Ra (sorta) by sharing his religion with the elves.
1 Persona: Humor.
1 Persona: MVP


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