Sacred Wand of the Paladin

Blue crystal wand seen in the hands of Ra


Cu on ra w wand


This is an excerpt from a book called The Deeds of the Holy. At the top of the page is an illustration of an Egyptian warrior with a khopesh (sickle-sword) in one hand and a blue crystal wand in the other.

And in those days the Sons of Darkness arose and spread throughout the land, turning men’s faces away from the light of the Shining One. The earth turned red with the blood of the righteous, and the Nile overflowed with women’s tears. Even the great pharaoh threw down the wisdom of his fathers and fell into corruption and vile deeds. For seven times seven years it was so.

Glorious Ra heard the cries of his children and looked down upon them in sorrow, saying, “If there be but one man among you who is worthy to be my champion, I will give him the power to smite my enemies.” And as he drove his Sun Chariot across the sky, he saw Ankhara, son of Menes, bravely defending the Temple at Karnak from the Sons of Darkness.

So the Lord of Light appeared before Ankhara, who fell to his knees and gave thanks for this blessing, pledging himself to serve the Light of Ra forever. And Ra said unto him, “No more shall you be called Ankhara, for you shall be my champion and all of Egypt shall know you as Khopesh-Ra, the sword of Ra.”

Then the Shining One lifted Khopesh-Ra to his feet and gave to him a wand made of crystal as blue as the sun-blessed sky. And the mighty Ra told his champion that whenever he had need, he might use the wand to call upon the mind of Ra, and whatever question he might ask would surely receive answer.

After this Khopesh-Ra gathered the Sons of Light and went forth from Karnak to drive the Sons of Darkness from the land. And everywhere he went, the Wand of Khopesh-Ra guided him to victory. For seven times seven years it was so.

And in his old age, Khopesh-Ra fell ill and knew that he was going to die. He called the High Priest of Ra to his bedside and said, “I will give you the Wand of Khopesh-Ra. If there be another man worthy to wield it, you must give it to him.” But as he handed it to the priest, the wand disappeared, and they both heard the Voice of Ra saying, “Khopesh-Ra, you have brought my light into the darkness, and there is no man in all the earth as worthy as you. I shall keep my wand until the Sons of Light have need of it again.”

And it was so.

Sacred Wand of the Paladin

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