Celestial Wind

Magical sail


A gift from Emperor Kordaava to Mavra Chang.

A beautiful sail sized perfectly to The Markovian. It’s of beautiful workmanship with intricate golden threads along the seams. The sail has Mavra’s sigil on one side and the Emperor’s on the other.

Magical effect: Redirects any wind to propel the ship in whatever direction is desired by the legitimate Captain of the ship. The Captain can also increase or lower the wind velocity by one on the following scale: No wind, light wind, moderate wind, strong wind, or gale. Gale has 1 in 6 DoF chance in ripping out the mast. Effect is very localized to the area within about 2 feet of any point on the sail. The effect does not change what is happening on the water. Wind velocity and direction are controlled by the Will of the captain. Ob = 0 + 1 per 45 degrees change from the wind’s “natural” direction + 1 if changing the wind velocity too.


Celestial Wind

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