Yurgo "Warz" Ashenskya

Giant, maimed, brutish, ugly Harbormaster of Saratov


Warz is the male human Harbormaster of Saratov. A giant brute of a man, tall, dark and ugly. He limps on a peg-leg and is missing his left arm from the elbow down. He has a dead listing eye that floats aimlessly in his scared skull. Warz is a veteran of the sea spending the greater part of his life as a sailing master in the Saratov Navy. Pressed into the navy at the tender age of 14, life at sea was all he knew His last commission was on his emperor’s ship Kirov, a 120-gun ship-of-the-line. Kirov was the flagship and pride of Saratov and had survived countless sea battles. Warz navy career finally ended when the squadron in which he was attached was ordered into unfriendly waters to investigate and search for a missing treasure fleet. Prepared as they were to face any naval action, they were not however prepared to fend off a brood of dragons. The ships, dry as a tinderbox sail, cordage and tar quickly burst into a holocaust of flame as the dragons strafed them from above. Warz was blown off the poop-deck into the icy waters when the ammunition stockpile exploded. Surviving the initial blast Warz struggled to stay afloat, stunned and bleeding he clung to wreckage. Many of the sailors who managed to survive the assault and hadn’t drowned were eat alive by sharks that swarmed the stricken fleet. Warz was taken from below by a savage monster with yellow lifeless eyes.

Warz learned later that he had been saved by passing merfolk when the shark (who was in the process of eating him), accidentally strayed into their hunting party. Merfolk have no love of sharks.

Warz has a special kinship with the seafolk forging both a personal and financial bond. It is this secret relationship that gives Warz his great power and knowledge of the harbor. The merfolk monitor all sea traffic coming in and out of the harbor and in turn Warz supplies them with shipping information. His comfortable office is located on the docks with secret port-holes to the sea that allow the merfolk to come and go unseen. The merfolk are pirates who attack their prey from beneath the sea, cutting through the lower hull unnoticed and just as quickly, stealing away precious cargo into the murky depths.

Everything that happens in the harbor, every ship that sails, and every ship that drops anchor is his business. Very little goes unnoticed. He has a supernatural understanding of the sea and the weather. Warz has an uneasy truce with the Brinnatti witches.

Yurgo "Warz" Ashenskya

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