Vonakeen Mubarak

Half-efreet uncle of Kalibar


When Kalibar was young, Taras came to visit Vonakeen Mubarak and they left together. Uncle Mubarak was never seen again.

When accessing Tinielle’s perception, Kalibar learns that Uncle Mubarak died and his family cursed while summoning an efreet deity.

The Kalibar family and Somacians in general have deep connections to the effreet race. Uncle Mubarak was a wizard who was particularly adapt at summoning powerful effreet. When Kalibar was young Uncle Mubarak and Kalibar’s father, the King, were visited by Taras and a large deal was struck that brought fortunes and favor to the family. Part of the deal involved Kalibar’s father joining the empire and your uncle assisting Taras in the summoning of the Lord of All Effreet. A bargain was struck.

Taras took Uncle Mubarak to the Swamp of Conn and you see an image of a colossal pyramid. Here they are joined by Lalfroth and Thulsa Doom. A grand ritual is performed and the Lord of All Effreet is summoned and imprisoned in this pyramid. In a parting gesture the Effreet Lord slays your uncle and curses his family. Taras picks up your uncle’s sword, the one you saw hanging in his brass tower.

Vonakeen Mubarak

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