Mike Boozer's PC, male high elf sorcerer.


Vecna is a player character played by Mike Boozer. Mike, feel free to embellish this page!


Title: Apprentice to Lalfroth, Grand Vizier of the Empire
Title: Warden of the Forested Lands of the Empire

Stats: Wi: 6, Po: 6, Ag: 4, Pe: 6, Fo: 4, Sp: 4
Attribute: He: 7, Gr: 5, Ref: 4, Ste: 6, MW: 9, Cir: 4, Res: 5

For Vecna’s beliefs, instincts, and traits please refer to the Saratov PC BITs page.


Pavel is Vecna’s ever-alert attendant. He is the son of a lesser noble from Port Car, but too far down on the pecking order to hope to inherit anything. Almost lost his head suggesting “Chaldean Prime” as a dinner option. Clean, well-dressed (but never above his station), well-groomed, polite, helpful.

Key stats include Will: 4, Etiquette: 6, Court Gossip-Wise: 3, Merchants-Wise: 4

Belief: Vecna is my chance at the big time.

Instinct: Whenever Vecna is in a meeting, hover within earshot.


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