Vasya Toppolo

Male dwarven clan leader of Perth


Belief: A warm fire in the hearth soothes the soul. Any problem will seem manageable after two beers by the fire.

Belief: Vishkon doubts my ability to lead Clan Perth.

Belief: Balin will be my wife someday once she get’s this runnin’ around out of her system. Then she will bear me a son.

Belief Oath: I have sworn to lead the Clan Perth to the best of my ability.

Belief Oath: I have sworn an oath of service to Vishkon.

Instinct: As soon as I get home light a fire.

Instinct: Brush my beard every morning so that food and ale that falls in there during the day doesn’t start rotting smell funny.

Instinct: Always (inconspicuously) keep an eye on Balin lest her daliances go too far.


Vasya Toppolo has been the head of the Toppolo family for nearly a hundred years and leader of the Perth Clan of dwarves for about 20 years. Given the long lived nature of dwarves, many clan members still refer to Vasya as “the new leader”. Vasya has seen many challenges during his short time as leader of the Perth Clan.

First, the circumstances surrounding his taking over the clan were unsettling. The former clan leader, Duanor Dzirt, was a fierce warrior and a great leader, well-respected amongst the clan. Vasya does not feel nearly as capable and, unfortunately, most of the clan agrees (on the other hand, everyone agrees he’s probably the best available). Duanor’s disappearance was sudden and shrowded in sorcerous mystery. Some have even dared to ask if Duanor’s disappearance was somehow arranged by Vasya so Vasya could take over. So from the get-go Vasya has had to perform from under Duanor’s shadow while simultaneously dealing with Duanor’s disapparance and related suspicions.

Vasya’s appointment to clan leader happened shortly after Kordaava’s rise to power. At first this seemed of little concern to the dwarven people as they were use to living under human rule. But dwarves all over the continent are becoming increasingly concerned about what this will mean for dwarvenkind.

During the past 20 years no dwarven children have been born. Anywhere. The dwarves are starting to panic.

And there is the underlying stress of heading up a dwarven clan that’s loyal to a dragon. Dwarves love Mirithian, the Mithril Dragon, but generally don’t bother to remember that there were other dragons, like Vishkon, who also fought on the side of the dwarves.

The recent appearance of Elven has created quite a stir. Apparently, Duanor’s mysterious disappearance was due to him being dragon raped and Elven is the result. The clan, and even the Dzirt family, are split right down the middle on whether to accept Elven into the clan or declare her an outcast.

Vasya’s romantic interest is Balin. Vasya wishes she’d just settle down and marry him but she seems intent on playing the field awhile longer. Vasya is anxious to have a stable home so that he can set a family example as clan leader.

None of Vasya’s problems are helped by the fact that he can be a bit too much of a drunk, even by dwarven standards. This is a bond between Vasya and Balin, they both love to drink and they enable each other. And of course Vasya’s best friends are those who love to drink with him. This has affected the clan pecking order a bit as more conservative dwarves, like the Dzirts, don’t have his ear.

Vasya Toppolo

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