Male hunter-seeker spider, friend of Elven


See Elven Excel file for stats.


Szazarac is best friends with Elven. Elven found Szazarac hiding from female spiders and rather than taking his chances alone in the forest Szazarac decided to join forces with this strange, but friendly, half-dragon. At this time Szazarac was “pre-teen” in human terms.

Shortly after they started adventuring together Elven fell prey to a Nyad’s spell and lived in his magical pool for a year while bearing him a child. Szazarac didn’t realize Elven was under a spell—-she seemed so happy! Now he feels quite guilty about this and is more determined than ever to make sure nothing bad happens to Elven.

Recently Elven had a dream that features Szazarac pinned down by iron spikes with a large female spider coming toward him. This dream terrifies Szazarac, especially since Elven insists that as a dragon her dreams always come true.

Now Szazarac is well into his “teen” years in human terms. His hormones are starting to kick in and he worries about how long he’ll be able to resist the urge to return to the nest to breed.

Belief: I won’t last in a straight up fight; look for something sneaky to do.

Belief: If I freeze in position, maybe they won’t see me.

Belief: Female spiders are not to be trusted; eventually they will lose control and eat me.

Instinct: Always drop a drag line.

Instinct: Stealthy withdraw if I see a female giant spider.

Instinct: If Elven gets in trouble, hide so that I can rescue her later.


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